Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Political Donation in Najib’s Personal Bank Account?

Political Donation in Najib’s Personal Bank Account?
By K.Siladass

            The plethora of excuses that are now offered in regard to the huge amount deposited in the personal account of the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak do not satiate the troubled Malaysians. These excuses indeed raise far more profound questions which call for acceptable answers.

            Firstly, if it is a political fund as it is now claimed why was it not disclosed earlier? Aside that, why is this childish challenge to the opposition that they disclose their donors before you disclose yours? A leader leads by example. He is a role model to be emulated and the challenge to the opposition is not a prudent move.

            Secondly, it is not the opposition alone to whom Najib is answerable. He is also answerable to all Malaysians and to those who truly and sincerely love Malaysia and have its welfare at heart.

            Thirdly, it is now claimed that the money deposited in Najib’s personal bank account was in fact a political donation. Was this fact revealed to the UMNO Supreme Council members? If such a disclosure had been made, then why was Muhyiddin Yassin querying about it after The Edge had published about the huge deposit? If the disclosure had been properly made to the Supreme Council, it was unnecessary for all the accusations and counter accusations to surface. This seems to indicate that the Supreme Council members were unaware of the deposit in Najib’s bank account. Even if what now as claimed i.e. the huge deposit in Najib’s account was political donation, it was unnecessary to call in MACC to investigate the deposit in Najib’s personal account. The explanations and new versions do not help Najib’s cause. 

            Fourthly, was Bank Negara informed of this colossal deposit? If not, why was the omission? On the other hand if there was notification to Bank Negara what was its response then? Was the donor identified to Bank Negara? Did Bank Negara accept Najib’s explanation? Was the purpose and objective of this huge donation disclosed to Bank Negara? If there had been proper disclosure then Bank Negara is under a duty to disclose the purpose. On the other hand if there had been no proper disclosure what action did Bank Negara take against the bank in which the billions were deposited?

            Fifthly, how were the billions in Najib’s personal bank account disbursed and to whom? If the billions were spent during the country’s 13th General Election as alleged, then, would it not be in violation of the country’s election laws because there is a ceiling as far as election expenses are concerned. In such a case what action would the Election Commission take?

            Another point Najib is canvassing is that perception is substituting the truth. This line of argument will not take Najib far. One important thing Najib has to appreciate is that when certain facts are self evident or are alleged to exist those who are answerable should explain to prevent negative inferences. What is in issue is not the perception of the truth but the omission to disclose the truth. What the Malaysians and the whole world have before them is an explanation from Najib and his supporters which do not help prevent negative inferences.

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