Friday, November 14, 2014

Why the long delay in charging the teacher who punched Deputy Education Minister Kamalanathan?

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh in Ipoh on Friday, 14 th November, 2014 

Why the long delay in charging the teacher who punched Deputy Education Minister Kamalanathan?

Yesterday, heavy vehicle driver M Gunalan was charged in a sessions court in Petaling Jaya with threatening Deputy Education Minister Kamalanathan via SMS with the purpose of scaring the deputy minister at Kota Damansara, ‎ about on Oct 20 this year. 

M Gunalan claimed trial and the case is fixed for mention on Dec 15.

The speed at which Gunalan was charged surprised some netizens who also questioned Kamalanathan if he could forgive the teacher, Muhammad Rizuan Suhaimi, who punched him early this year, why he did not forgive Gunalan. 

Some had asked if this was because the teacher is from Umno. When the assault incident happened, the teacher was   Hulu Selangor Umno youth assistant secretary. 

After the punching incident occurred on Jan 13, it was reported that Kamalanathan had said he would not be withdrawing the police report he had filed against Muhammad Rizuan, although he had said he had forgiven his assailant.

Kamalanathan had also said in January that the incident was a personal matter between the teacher and him, and what transpired was an unintentional act of emotion.

"To err is human and I have no reason to continue being upset with this incident," he said.

It is clear enough that the netizens have accused Kamalanathan of practicing double standards in treating the two cases and it is necessary for Kamalanathan to reply to the question. 

I will not add any further comment on the question and will leave it to him to reply. 

I wish to however ask the Attorney General (AG) Tan Sri Ghani Patail to explain on the delay in prosecuting the teacher who assaulted Kamalanathan.

The police revealed that the investigation papers were submitted to the AG on January 15, but why the long delay in prosecuting till today? Or has AG closed the case? 

Irrespective of whether Kamalanathan had withdrawn his police report, AG should file criminal charges against the teacher so as to send a strong message to the society that violence will not be condoned. 

Immediately after the assault happened, even Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was quoted as saying that he could not condone Muhammad Rizuan's act.

Khairy had reportedly said that whatever the reason or pressure faced by Muhammad Rizuan, there was little justification to resort to violence.

So an assault actually took place, yet the attacker has not been charged. But for Gunalan who made a threat via sms, he was speedily charged. The public perception towards AG’s handling of these two cases cannot be anything but just negative.

As the Deputy Education Minister, Kamalanathan must also let Malaysians know if any disciplinary action was taken on Muhammad Rizuan Suhaimi, if so, what the penalty was.  

Any way why many people love to punch Kamalanathan?. To the best of my knowledge Kamalanathan was never a boxer!!

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