Sunday, November 2, 2014

Remind Najib not to underestimate the public anger or he will become the Prime Minister with the worst ever popularity ratings

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on 1st, November 2014.

Remind Najib not to underestimate the public anger or he will become the Prime Minister with the worst ever popularity ratings

According to a survey result recently published by the independent Merdeka Centre, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s popularity rating has slumped to a new low of 48 percent. 

It is clear that the fuel price increase and the confirmed implementation of GST were the two major factors which have resulted in Najib’s plunge in popularity. 

The survey result reflects public sentiment against increased living costs. Malaysians are certainly unhappy with the policies.

Although it will be at least another 3 years before the next general election will be held and so Najib may not have to feel so much pressure, but as a Prime Minister, he should take the message that Malaysians want to tell him through the survey. 

However, instead of showing that he cares about the people’s concern, Najib has chosen to respond to the survey result by saying that the Opposition bench is “messier”. 

The people have reacted to his policies and he should be prepared to justify his polices if he thinks they are right, fair and good. 

Or is it because he cannot justify that he has chosen to deflect the issue by talking about the opposition being messier? 

Najib has talked so much about developing Malaysia into a high income nation. But what the people are seeing now is higher cost of living. 

When the world crude oil price has dropped over the last few months, he has decided to impose higher price for diesel and RON 95 by removing the fuel subsidy. 

Malaysians have been asking if the government will lower fuel price if the world oil price drops  to a level where no government subsidy is required. 

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan gave a shocking answer yesterday when responding to media question.

He said Putrajaya has two choices to implement if the global crude oil price continues to show a downtrend. He said Putrajaya could choose to reduce the price of petrol (RON95) if the global crude oil fell to as low as RM1.72 a litre and imposed a sales tax of 58 sen.

"For the second choice, the government could reduce the petrol price to that level (RM1.72) based on world market and not impose sales tax,” he said. 

It is most unfair if the government chooses the option to impose sales tax. Malaysians must be entitled to lower fuel price if world oil price has dropped to the level where government subsidy is not incurred. 

Let me tell  Najib that if his government chooses to impose the sale tax on RON 95, his popularity ratings will certainly take a further plunge, making him the Prime Minister holding the record of having the worst ever popularity ratings. 

He must not underestimate the public anger.

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