Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kula: RM540mil allocation a 'red herring'

Kula: RM540mil allocation a 'red herring'

Terence Netto : Malaysiakini  Aug 17, 2014
DAP national vice-chair M Kulasegaran termed a “red herring” the controversy about over what happened to the RM540 million government allocation for Indian Malaysians which he said was a distraction from a core concern: the ineffectualness of the Special Implementation Task Force (SITF).

The MP for Ipoh Barat said the SITF was formed in 2011 with MIC’s S Subramanian as chief coordinator entrusted with the task of channeling specific government aid for community development for Indian Malaysians.

“Of a sudden now there is this controversy over the allocation, not only about its quantum but also about the uses to which it has been put to, if indeed it was allocated and disbursed,” said the federal legislator, who has striven to subsume a proclivity for Indian Malaysian socioeconomic development under the rubric of concern for the lot of Malaysian have-nots.

“This figure of a half billion ringgit for the socioeconomic development of Indian Malaysians is being bandied about is a red herring to divert attention from the ineffectualness of the SITF,” argued Kulasegaran.

He said in announcing the formation of the SITF, the Najib Razak administration was signaling that Indian Malaysian concerns would from 2011 receive specific doses of material aid which would impact the impoverished condition of the community for the better.

“Not only in education, but also in terms of increased intake of the community in the civil service, more credit facilities for the community’s entrepreneurs, and an expansion of equity participation for them would constitute the areas where this infusion of aid would impact the community,” enumerated Kulasegaran.

Sudden burst of publicity

He said the sudden burst of publicity over the bandied about figure of RM540 million could be a “red herring” to distract attention from the specific forms of aid that have not been allocated and disbursed, requiring an attempt to tantalise the community by conjuring up a fictitious allocation to hide the truth.

“Things appear to be an elaborate charade to camouflage the truth that there has been no substantive allocation, and therefore no uses for the existence of the SITF, resulting in no cause for Indian Malaysians to think that a new era of specific concern and concrete assistance supposedly inaugurated by the Najib administration, was ever in the works,” asserted the DAP leader.

“In other words, there has to be much ado about very little or nothing at all so that the chattering classes are kept occupied while the larger community is blindsided.

“In short, it’s been another edition of the same old story for the community which is that the powers-that-be are more interested in beguiling them into thinking that aid has been allocated but something funny has happened to it en route to the targeted recipients,” chided Kulasegaran.

He said while the community’s capacity for patience is laudable its credulity is limited.

“They can no longer be taken for dupes which is why they should write off the powers-that-be and back the government-in-waiting which is the opposition Pakatan Rakyat,” argued Kulasegaran.

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