Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim Should Be Immediately Sacked for his Extreme, Unjust and Anti 1 Malaysia Remarks

Media Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on August 12, 2014

Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim should be immediately sacked for his extreme, unjust and anti 1 Malaysia remarks

On August 4, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim said that the government should not build new Chinese primary schools as their existence does not contribute to national unity.

He also commented that Tamil primary schools too will also hamper efforts to achieve the national agenda of achieving racial unity at primary school level.

Two days ago, he reiterated his objection against building more Chinese primary schools citing the fact that there now exist 453 Chinese primary schools which are categorized as micro schools , that is schools which are under enrolled.

Datuk Razali’s remarks that vernacular schools hinder national unity are totally baseless and irresponsible.

Language does not hinder national unity. It is the unjust racial policies implemented by the BN government that have hindered the achievement of national unity.

His remarks that no additional Chinese primary school should be built because there are now 455 micro (under enrolled) Chinese primary schools, is the most ridiculous and unacceptable argument.

Is Razali not aware that according to official statistics, as at Januray 31 this year, the number of micro (under enrolled) schools in the country , that is schools with less than 150 students as officially defined, are as follows:-
a. National primary schools: 1317
b. Chinese primary schools: 453
c. Tamil primary schools: 298

So if Razali’s argument can be accepted, then no new school whether national, Chinese or Tamil school should be built. How absurd!
Razali’s tactic of highlighting the number of under enrolled Chinese primary schools to hide his true motive of not wanting to see any addition of Chinese and primary school has exposed his stupidity.
While it is true that schools in some areas in the country face under enrolment due to population migration, there are many areas where there are acute shortages of Chinese and Tamil primary schools due to population increase.

Yet the BN government has not been responsive to demands from the Chinese and Indian communities to build more Chinese and Tamil primary schools according to population increase.
Razali’s remarks are like rubbing salt into wounds of the people who have been hurt and angered by BN’s long neglect of Chinese and Tamil primary schools and demand for additional schools.

His extreme, unjust and anti 1 Malaysia remarks have also proven that he is not fit to hold the position of a deputy Minister.

I therefore call on the Prime Minister to immediately sack him.

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