Friday, July 11, 2014

Call on Deputy Prime Minister to clarify his July 6 remarks

Press statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on July 11, 2014

Call on Deputy Prime Minister to clarify his July 6 remarks 

After having been heavily criticised for making  a May 13 threat six days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin finally clarified that  his statement was manipulated.

Expressing regret in Kedah yesterday, he said that he had merely expressed fear that such clashes could happen if all Malaysians do not preserve harmony.

His clarification is welcomed although he did not explain how his remarks were manipulated and why he took so many days to clarify.

His remarks which were first reported by Utusan Malaysia caused widespread because it was seen as a threat and blaming the non-Malay communities.

As deputy Prime Minister and an experienced politician, Tan Sri Muhyiddin should know how to make responsible and accurate statements, and the need to make immediate clarification if he has been truly misquoted.

I call on him to clarify his Juy 6 remarks which have also caused much anger.

He was quoted by Bernama that he had said that "various quarters" are taking advantage of Muslim disunity to threaten the position of Islam in the country. 

Muhyiddin also cited as examples the “questioning” of the religion of the federation and syariah court powers, Bernama reported.  

He should clarify if Bernama has accurately quoted, if so, can he explain how and who have questioned the religion of the federation and syariah court powers?

I wish to ask him in particular if he was referring to the recent interfaith custody cases when he talked about” quarters”  questioning of syariah court powers? 

If this was the case, then I will suggest that he should learn more about the rule of law and legal process, arguments of the whole issue. 

I will not be surprised if some ignorant extremist groups view valid and rational  legal arguments as challenging the powers of the syariah court, but I don’t expect the Deputy Prime Minister to have such misinterpretation. 

If Muhyiddin was referring to some other cases and instances, then he should explain and justify why he has viewed them as questioning the syariah court powers.

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