Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Police must go all out to retrieve the child of Indira Gandhi the soonest possible

Press Statement by M. Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on June 25, 2014

Police must go all out to retrieve the child of Indira Gandhi the soonest possible

Today,  Indira Gandhi, N. Selvam (lawyer)  , DAP Ipoh Barat Branch Chairman Segaran and I met the Ipoh District Police Officer (OCPD) Mr. Sum Ching Keong and ASP Zul the investigation officer at Ipoh Police Headquarters to check on the progress of Indira Gandhi's case.

Photo taken after meeting the Police

We went there to enquire on the Police efforts after the service of the warrant of arrest order of ex- husband of Indira Gandhi, Patmanathan (Mohd Redzuan Abdullah) and the recovery order of the child of the family Prasana Diksa. 

We were briefed by the OCPD the efforts which have been taken by the Police to locate him.
Apparently in the last three days, the Police had gone to numerous places including Patmanathan's mother’s house, as well as his brother's house, his friends’ houses, and also some other places where he used to stay. 

We impressed on the OCPD that it served little purpose to "comb" the Ipoh area as from our sources, the fugitive Redzuan is in hiding in Kota Baru, Kelantan. Even his lawyers had confirmed to us about this. The OCPD agreed to relay our information to Bukit Aman police.

We also gave hand phone number of Patmananthan (Redzuan) to the Police. We asked the Police to also keep track track of the border area as Rezduan was known to go to Thailand frequently. 

Indira pleaded with the police to assist her to unite with her lost daughter the soonest possible. 

We are also making arrangement to go to Bukit Aman Police in KL to meet with the relevant police investigation officer regarding the arrest of Redzuan.  

We want results. The continuous delay is unacceptable. This case started in 2009. Much precious time of the mother daughter relationship has been lost/ affected by their "illegal" separation.  

We are confident if the police go all out on a man hunt Rezduan will be arrested sooner than later. He can run but can’t hide forever!

We urge all concerned citizens to contact the nearest police station if they have any information of the where about of Redzuan. 

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