Saturday, June 28, 2014

Comments by Indira Gandhi at Press Conference held in Ipoh on June 28, 2014

Comments by Indira Gandhi at Press Conference held in Ipoh on June 28, 2014

I read with great disappointment and grief the decision of the Attorney General (AG) to intervene in the family proceedings between Pathmanathan Krishnan and I as well as the decision by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) not to arrest Pathmanathan Krishnan and send him to prison for breaching a High Court custody order in 2010, when he abducted my daughter Prasana Diksa from me in 2009 and has till today failed to return her to me.

After I had successfully secured a committal order against Pathmanathan in the High Court last month, it is shocking and disappointing that till today, the Malaysian government still continues to drag its feet and is now refusing to obey the decision of the High Court to commit Pathmanathan to prison for contempt of court.

The Malaysian government has shown utter and complete disrespect for my child’s welfare, to the Judiciary and to me as a Malaysian mother. Which civilized or democratic government will ever do such a thing? The Malaysian Government should be ashamed of itself.

The government seems more concerned with its own political agenda rather than the welfare and wellbeing of its citizens. I now live in anguish and uncertainty over the fate of my daughter. My fight for her has been in vain. The High Court has made an order in vain and a man who has shown contempt for the Malaysian courts is allowed to roam free; unaccountable and blameless for his unforgivable actions.

Last 5 years been the most heart-breaking period of my life and this should be something no mother in Malaysia should ever have to go through.

I have not seen my daughter for the last 5 years. She was taken from me when she was only 11 months old and today she will be 6 years old. I have been deprived of my daughter and she has been deprived of her mother. I have missed the most valuable moments in my daughter’s life; when she began to walk, to talk and to ask questions about life.

I can only urge the AG to advise the IGP to obey the committal order by the High Court immediately - arrest Pathmanathan Krishnan and commit him to prison till he delivers Prasana Diksa to me!

If such justice is not carried out, then all hope is lost for all mothers in Malaysia and the AG and the IGP will be guilty for encouraging lawlessness in Malaysia, tearing families apart and, most importantly, destroying the life of my beloved daughter, Prasana Diksa.

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