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Kulasegaran raps MIC’s pie-in-the-sky Sothi

4:37PM Mar 21, 2014-Malaysiakini

Kulasegaran raps MIC’s pie-in-the-sky Sothi

KAJANG DAP national vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran has criticised MIC vice-president S Sothinathan for persisting with “pie-in-the-sky promises of government help for the Indian community once their votes are assuredly BN’s”.

The MP for Ipoh Barat took Sothinathan (left) to task for urging Indian voters in Kajang to vote in the BN to enable Prime Minister Najib Razak to meet the demands of Indian Malaysians.

In his pitch for the Indian vote in the Kajang by-election that will be held on Sunday, Sothinathan made much play of the PM’s reported promise to fulfil the 7.5 percent quota for the employment of Indians in the civil service.

“Under BN rule, Indian representation in the civil service declined from 17.4 percent in 1971 to 4.1 percent in 2009 and yet Sothinathan has the gall to exhort Indians to once again support a government that has hung the community’s hopes out to dry,” Kulasegaran asserted.

'Najib has broken faith with Indians'

The federal legislator said Najib had broken faith with the Indian community after inviting it to repose its “nambikei” (trust) in him.

“But neither with the tried and failed MIC nor with the newfangled and deluded Hindraf did Najib fulfil his promises. So, how can Sothinathan expect that Indian Malaysians can be led, yet again, to believe in the BN’s promises?” queried Kualasegaran (left).

Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PWM) had signed a memorandum of understanding with the PM just before the 13th general election last May, a “blueprint” that promised concrete and substantial help for the Indian poor in return for their votes.

PWM leader P Waythamoorthy was appointed a deputy minister after GE13 to oversee a supposed raft of measures to alleviate the plight of the Indian poor.

However, eight months later, Waythamoorthy resigned his senate post and his deputy minister role out of frustration, arising from a reportedly fruitless bid to make Najib match deed to promised word.

With this as backdrop, Kulasegaran claimed that Sothinathan was “dreaming that Indians could be gulled endlessly”, adding, “Indians have awakened from their nightmare, but has the MIC?”

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