Friday, February 7, 2014

Are we Turning into a State of Lawlessness?

Are we Turning into a State of Lawlessness?

Dato’ Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz
DAP MP for Raub
Friday, 7 February 2014

Is this country descending into a state of lawlessness? The chief executive is acting irresponsibly by allowing mobs to place posters making offers to people at large to collect reward money if they can assault Teresa Kok, a member of parliament. What if there were posters offering reward money to people if they can spit upon Najib or Rosmah? I am sure the police will come down swooping to arrest and jail whomsoever is responsible.

The police must act responsibly by going after the authors of the various reward posters offering money to assault Tersesa Kok. Surely these are invitations to the public at large to commit physical harm on someone else.

Causing physical harm or the threat of making one isn’t the same as making a parody of the country’s leadership and its management of the country. What if RM1200 is not enough and posters are put up to invite people to do more than slap?

The people of Kajang should take note of this. The unrestrained behaviour of the mobs acting under the cloak of Muslim NGO should be condemned vehemently. They should take this as indicator of the moral health of the BN government led by an incapacitate leader. Mob action and lawlessness appear to be popular medium of expression for UMNO supporters. This can only be taken as indicative of UMNO’s depraved religious, nationalist and racial sentiments.

If some people feel the reputation of Najib and Rosmah is worth dying for, why not take it a step further- self-immolation?

Why are we so upset over the humorous depiction of what is actually going on in this country? Cost of living going up, educational standards are declining, the wealth of this country being frittered away by free spending executive and his band of merry men.

I notice the people slaughtering chickens over posters of non-Malay elected MPs are Malays. So too are the members of the Muslim NGO who put up the reward posters on Teresa Kok. It’s as though our country is descending into a cowboy state in an early stage of America where members of white supremacist groups go after non whites.

Why don’t they stop to ponder- we have been shouting ketuanan Melayu for so long- but the tuans stay in hovels and squatter houses. The non-tuans who are still condemned as immigrants even though they have been here for 5-6 generations live in million Ringgit houses and posh condominiums. We shout ketuanan Melayu, but the tuans find difficulty in getting a piece of land to seek sustenance and make a living. We shout ketuanan Melayu, but the tuans remain the poorer section of the community. The tuans earn an average monthly income of RM1200; the non tuans earn RM 12,000.

Who do we blame for this state of affairs? If we cannot blame the government in power for allowing these things to happen, who else can we attach responsibility? Do we condemn the poor because they are poor? Why don’t we condemn our mothers for giving birth to us?

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