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Tmn Permata residents plead for ministry’s quick action | Free Malaysia Today

Tmn Permata residents plead for ministry’s quick action

Vignesh Kumar | December 5, 2013
They sacrificed their homes for the development of Putrajaya, yet after 14 years their housing problem is still not solved.
SEPANG: Residents of Taman Permata low-cost flats in Dengkil who have been living in tents for the last five months urged Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) to respond to Selangor state government’s letter regarding their housing woes.

The initial letter was sent to KPKT by the Selangor state government in September with a second follow up letter sent in October.

Taman Permata action committee member N Kumaran said that residents have lost their patience and wondered why KPKT in taking such a long time to respond to the state government’s request to use a piece of land near Dengkil for their housing development.

The residents are formerly Prang Besar, Galloway, Medinglay and Segdelay estate workers who were relocated to Taman Permata for the development of Putrajaya administrative capital in 1999.

At that time, the federal government had promised the residents a terrace house each and placed them in the flats temporarily.

The Sepang Municipal Council has however declared the flats as being unfit for occupancy after cracks started appearing on the walls, and further investigations showed that the ceiling was on the verge of collapse.

Since then the residents have been living in tents pitched at the carpark. The Selangor state government has promised to solve their problems but the pending issue is the ministry’s approval for the land.
“It has been 14 years now, but our housing problem is yet to be solved,” sad Kumaran.

Kumaran said that residents were very happy with the land provided by the Selangor state government and were willing to move there.

He lamented that the residents were going through hard times and hoped that KPKT can expedite their decision on the land matter.

“We are waiting for the green light from KPKT. They surveyed the land in September but till today we have yet to get any response from them.”

“We hope KPKT will approve the land (given by Selangor state government) for our housing development.

“We sacrificed our houses for the government and it is time for them to pay back.”

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