Despite the landmark ruling where the High Court had found the police liable for death in custody victim A Kugan’s case, justice is still found wanting in succeeding cases, said Suaram.

NONEIn a statement yesterday, the human rights group highlighted a High Court decision to dismiss a civil suit against the government and police by Ganga Gouri (right) over the death of her brother, R Gunasegaran.

Suaram coordinator R Thevarajan said even though the court agreed that Gunasegaran’s arresting officers had abused their powers, the case was dismissed on a technicality.

He said the Dec 19 decision ruled that Ganga could not file the action as she was neither the victim’s wife or children and had not been appointed as a legal representative of the deceased.

“The judiciary seems to be a stumbling block for many in search of justice. Ganga Gouri was saying that people hope that the judiciary will provide justice, but when the judiciary fails where else can the people go?” he said.

He urged the setting-up of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).