YOURSAY 'If you want to beautify the temple, give the money to the temple committee. Let the Hindu devotees do it themselves.'

Ku Nan: No demolition, just beautifying temple

your say, YoursayVijay47: Wow! Another Malay who is an expert on non-Muslim religions. First it was the three judges who were very conversant with what was or was not integral to Christian forms of worship and the latest wonder we have is none other than Federal Territory Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the self-appointed member of royalty, who now holds himself out to be someone intimately knowledgeable of the Hindu practices necessary for the consecration of a temple.

Perhaps he should next demand that all services in temples and churches should be led by a Muslim official. Now that would be beautiful, no?

SS Dhaliwal: Is ‘demolition' another word for ‘beautification' these days? So Umno is now playing moral police with the Indians on their own turf (temples). I guess this is poetic justice for the foolishness of the Indians, including Hindraf, in supporting BN.

The term ‘Melayu mudah lupa' (Malays forget easily) should be replaced with ‘Tamil mudah lupa'. All this will be forgotten come the next election, with Hindraf again calling Indians to back BN after taking millions more from Umno.

SenyumUnta: Adnan speaks like he is the chief high priest of the Sri Muneswarar Kaliyaman temple.

He said, "Don't abuse the temple." But the temple committee themselves don't even know about the demolition nor the beautification plans. Only ‘chief priest' Ku Nan knows.

Survivor: If you want to beautify the temple, give the money to the temple committee. You won't know how to beautify Indian temples. Let the Hindu devotees do it themselves.

Smallbigblob: Beautifying a temple with 50 policemen on guard? This must be a joke from Umno.

CiViC: This is really amazing. Endless possibilities indeed. Can you imagine, City Hall sending a Hindu priest to the temple and finding liquor? Really?

This is an insult at the highest level to the Hindus. Ku Nan, congratulations, you achieved a new record.

YF: So by Ku Nan's demented logic every time some fictitious religious peon is hired by Umno and goes visiting a place of worship for any religion, this gives Umno the licence to tear it down?

Does this apply to people of their own religion as well? Go figure.
Kanasai: From an Indian temple, it will be transform into a ‘four faces' Thai temple. I wonder how the Indians will take it.

For me it is nothing more than bulls**t - there was never any mention about beautifying the temple until now.

If you have an Indian who kissed a racist, another to accept 'korban' in schools, and now Indians praying in a ‘Thai' temple, I wonder what's next.

Pikachiu: This reminds me of an ex-minister's "we arrested her for her own safety" remark. To these Umno people, the sensitivities and feelings of the minorities do not count any more. They just do anything they like.

2zzzxxx: Not only has the Umno government desecrated a place of worship that has been in existence for 101 years, it is now coming up with blatant lies to justify its boorish action.

Look at how many surau and mosques with illegal extensions. But does the Umno government tear these extensions down with such speed and efficiency?

Call Me Jibby: Ku Nan, well done. You're making P Waythamoorthy of Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia, the biggest clown in the cabinet, with the Hindraf blueprint even unworthy to be my toilet paper.

Fairness: You are sure one hell of a spin master, Tengku. If what you say is true, why did you not have a pow-wow with the temple committee?
Hindu temple legal adviser rubbishes 'liquor' claim

Ferdtan: Adnan promised that they will renovate and refurbish the temple with the funding from the developer in question, Hap Seng. In the first place, do the temple committee trust Hap Seng?

The mere fact they ordered the demolition of the temple "without court order and notice" shows its malicious character. The minister is buying time for the mainstream media to spin and neutralise the bane of the act.

I believe the speed by the developer in taking action was to pre-empt any the intended rebuilding by the temple committee of the structure torn down in the first demolition.

We called upon the temple committee to be wary of the minister's call. If they can do it legally, the best defence of the temple is to start reclaiming their lost ground by cordoning off the area with a fixed structure.

Get volunteers quickly to rebuild the wall. And let the City Hall come a third time.

Ali BaBa: So what if liquor bottles were found in the premises. Did it justify the demolition of the temple? The authorities could always inform the temple management on the matter.
Umno and its cronies are cooking every reason for the demolition.

Supercession: First they willfully destroy a temple, then they insult the devotees with juvenile lies.

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