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What’s happening to BN-Hindraf MOU?

Narinder Singh | November 7, 2013
Has P Waythamoorthy lost the battle and willingly drowned himself in a worthless MOU?
During field games we have the water boy to run errands for coaches and team managers; and definitely the players themselves.

Looking at our Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the PM has found a highly qualified water boy to paint the presence of another Indian being part of his team. He is none other than P Waythamoorthy, the chairman of the Hindraf movement.

Appointed as deputy minister in the PMO, he is supposedly assigned to look into the welfare of the Indian community in Malaysia, especially the displaced poor within the community. What that amounts to in spirit and essence to the letter is still cloudy despite him being in the PM’s team post the GE13 in May.

Waythamoorthy is seen not only as a toothless cat but also unable in achieving all that he has laid before the PM prior to the 13th general election. Terms of reference in the so called penned memorandum of understanding (MOU) remain in theory and have just wasted precious paper and ink.

The testimony of the MOU failure was truthfully revealed by Hindraf in their 100 day performance report which was made public.

They actually had the audacity to claim that basically nothing has moved even an inch since Waythamoorthy took office except for the appointment. What a shame indeed in the eye of all the Indians in Malaysia.

First and foremost, as a person with legal training, Waythamoorthy should be well versed with contract laws. Now it is common knowledge that an MOU is not and will never be a contract or agreement between two parties even if it was signatured with golden ink and banded with silver ribbons.

It is what it’s called, an “understanding” and nothing more than that. It is neither binding nor obligatory to all parties descending to its contents. Legally speaking it is not even worth the toilet paper; what more the wordings.

Waythamoorthy was just too blinded that today even his so-called fellow ministers are belittling him to the core and has openly disputed his appointment as not being qualified.
It is so obvious that those in power would prefer to have their own man in the PMO and bring greater weight in policy making.

Najib was a smart aleck in shutting up Hindraf and Waythamoorthy just in the nick of time before elections to garner some sympathy votes from the Indians who were stupid enough to be taken in by the MOU that means nothing.

Imagine a community that does not understand the legal differences and their leaders who were equally brain dead.

From leader to wall painting

Today, Waythamoorthy is office-less per se, budget-less, and above all voice-less Indian leader most probably just fit to warm another cozy chair in the PMO.

The last straw on the camel’s back was broken when the PM himself shot him down by directing him to toe the line with mainstream government policies.

Unfortunately, Waythamoorthy is still hanging around the offices when he is literally being run down, trampled and ridiculed by his own boss in public.

Now why should the PM even be bothered to honour the MOU? It makes no sense and defies logic to do so.

If a disgruntled party could well make their demands met so easily, every Tom, Dick and Harry would be signing an MOU with the PM. Waythamoorthy should have that little pea brain as a lawyer to comprehend the motives of the PM.

Come on, if he could not even see that coming, how on earth can he be perceived as credible. It is unimaginable that Umno and MIC will in the wildest of their dreams allow a lone man, and that too an angry Malaysian Indian, to hold the privates of the government.

Who is Waythamoorthy to dictate terms and conditions to the power makers and dealers of the nation?
Waythamoorthy is a mere ‘Baygone sprayed’ mosquito waiting to reel down the corridors of the PMO, and will in no time be a forgotten entity that never had any bearings.

Even a water boy commands respect and over time becomes indispensable if he performs above par. Some even graduate into the teams as active and reliable players. But Waythamoorthy has been relegated from having a leader’s status to mere pantry wall painting.

As in his name, the first three letters ‘Way’ should inspire him to his ‘way-out’ of the PMO and salvage whatever dignity left as just another human. He has lost the war, battle and willingly drowned himself in a worthless MOU.

Narinder Singh if a FMT team member.

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