Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tan Sri Muhyiddin must come clean on the issue of examination apartheid

Media Statement by M Kula Segaran, MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on November 16, 2013

Tan Sri Muhyiddin must come clean on the issue of examination apartheid

3 days ago, Perak DAP Vice Chairman A Sivanesan revealed that two separate exam halls were used to separate Malay and Non Malay students during the Matriculation exams.

He said that from the complaints received , what was reported to happen in a Matriculation centre in Gopeng, Perak was not an isolated case but a nation wide practice.

What can be the ground for such shocking practice of “exam apartheid’?

Some parents are now worried if the objective of this practice is to somehow let the examination markers know the racial identity of two groups of students taking the examinations.I certainly hope that this is not the case .

There ise no acceptable reason for such a shocking and even dangerous practice.

Equally shocking to me is the Education Ministry’s lack of response to such a sensitive and important issue.

It was reported yesterday when asked by a reporter to respond to the issue during news conference following the launch of the International Conference on English Language Learning in Kuala Lumpur, deputy education minister Mary Yap  deflected the question by saying “I place education above politics’.

Mary Yap is not one who is slow to comment on issues related to Education Ministry, so why has she chosen to avoid answering the question?

The least she could have said is that she will check if such segregation did take place or that such practice cannot be accepted.

This is not a question of politics and it is obvious that she does not have the courage to answer the issue which is most likely a policy decision as it was carried out nationwide.

The Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin who has chosen to remain silent on the SK Seri Pristana “ Meals in Changing Room “ incident and the recent ritual slaughtering of cows in school compounds has also again chosen to remain silent.

Exam apartheid is a serious issue which Malaysians are entitled to know the answers.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin must not choose to remain silent and must come clean on the matter.

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  1. Don't expect non-Malay representatives in Najib's government to raise issue against policies that are seen to be discriminating the non-Malays,people like Mary Yap,Waytha and the 'goondar gombals' in MIC are afraid of losing their position and perks than fight a good cause.Talibanism and racism has began creeping into our country through our schools.There should be no place for the 'ketuanan Melayu' idiosyncrasies when it comes to education in this country.