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GE14 will be about PAS

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz | November 26, 2013
A progressive PAS can replace Umno and lead the Malays.
The only reason why Umno and its allies want the PAS ulamas to win all is because they know how easy it is to run circles around them.

Should PAS ever teamed up with Umno, all Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will do is give PAS two cabinet posts and that’s the end of PAS.

It will be a repeat of what PAS went through when it joined Barisan Nasional a long time ago.
If PAS revere the foremost ulama, Tok Guru they will ensure that PAS never teams up with Umno. Tok Guru will never sanction PAS sleeping with Umno.

What use is teaming up with Umno? For what purpose?

So that the right wingers in both parties can stay under one roof and become racists?

A progressive PAS can replace Umno and lead Malays. Why should it want to extend a life line to a sick Umno?

A sick party like Umno can control the minds of Malays with sick policies and agenda.

There must be something wrong in this arrangement.

It can only do this because PAS limits its own potential. If PAS becomes a progressive party, Umno is finished!

Ignore Umno

PAS has to play the game intelligently.

As my friend Walla perceptively observed, GE12 was Hindraf. GE13 was DAP. So that GE14 will be PAS.

Now take the earlier statement that in this country our Malays can be the most globally-attuned community member and graft it onto the role that PAS can play towards total success in GE14, and we have immediately a new transformation wave for this tired land.

PAS can also do the same to dignify all life again. People should not be corrupted about their needs.
They can be helped by earnest and honest community work extended to all who suffer regardless of race or religion.

It’s not about forming an Islamic state. It’s all about forming and living an Islamic state of mind. And that has to be globally attuned in nature. After all, isn’t He global?

So what must PAS do?

First of all dismiss and ignore Umno. There is no need for Malays to unite under Umno if a progressive PAS is available.

It is more important for PAS to have an Islamic state of mind instead of an Islamic state.

That way it can build up its image as a progressive and inclusive party – something that Umno can never achieve

The writer is Raub MP. This is an excerpt from his blog sakmongkolak47 blog

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