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Teacher hit me with shoe, claims student | Free Malaysia Today

Teacher hit me with shoe, claims student

Vignesh | October 1, 2013
Traumatised by the incident, 11-year-old Pavitran was further agonised by the police during interrogation.
PETALING JAYA: A teacher allegedly took off her shoe and hit K Pavitran, 11, just because he left his note book at home in Kajang last week. He has not been attending school since then.

Pavitran’s mother E Yogeswari lodged a police report following the incident.

The headmaster summoned Yogeswari to the school and urged her to retract the police report made, but she refused to do so. He even threatened to sue her for tarnishing the school’s image.

On the same day the police called in Yogeswari for investigation together with her son but she was not allowed into the room for questioning. Pavintran was interrogated alone.

According to Pavitran, the police had allegedly threatened to put him in the lock up when he was alone with them.

“They told me I was naughty and use to steal other student’s food; that I use to fight in school. They said they will put me in lock up. I was so scared,” he narrated.

“I don’t want to go to school anymore,” said the traumatised boy.

Pavitran’s father, S Kesavan, is furious as his son is only 11, saying that such a behaviour from the police and the teacher was totally unacceptable.

“It is alright to use a cane to discipline a kid.

“A teacher is supposed to be educated but this is total brutality. Is it because my son is an Indian? I have approached the Education Ministry and would like to transfer him to another school.

“He is too frightened to go to school,” said Kesavan.

Kesavan also said that the teacher has warned other students not to say anything if they were asked by the police about the incident.

“One of the boys who is very close with my son told me about what the teacher said. I hope by revealing this incident to the media my son will get some justice.” said Kesavan.

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  1. The director summoned Yogeswari to the school and urged her to withdraw the police report made, yet she declined to do so. He even undermined to sue her for discoloring the school's image. the claims pages