Tuesday, September 10, 2013

‘Suspend chair throwing teacher immediately’ | Free Malaysia Today

‘Suspend chair throwing teacher immediately’

P Ramani | September 10, 2013
There is also a suggestion that all headmasters and teachers be compelled to a psychological test as unwarranted problems are arising from them.
PETALING JAYA: The female teacher who hit her student with a chair in the classroom must be suspended pending investigations by the state education department and police, said Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS) secretary-general S Barathidasan.

According to Barathidasan, there is a serious problem brewing among teachers and the Education Ministry must take immediate actions without delay.

“Looks like most of the younger teachers are under stress and they should undergo counseling,” said Barathidasan.

On Sunday, the media reported that a 14-year-old student, Janpiter Steeman, was assaulted by his teacher with a chair which caused him injuries in the face, arms and legs.

The boy’s mother, S Gangga Devi said her son is traumatised and has not gone back to school since the incident on Aug 28.

The replacement teacher had allegedly lost her temper and believed that Janpiter was ‘showing off’ when standing on the chair for being punished, thus reacted by carrying the chair and beating the student repeatedly.

Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan promised a full investigation and stressed that such behaviour should not be allowed.

Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Rahim Abdullah confirmed the case, adding that it was being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

Transfer is just a slap on the wrist
The MIPAS sec-gen also stressed that transferring the teacher would not give any impact or make a difference, and that the teacher must indeed be suspended immediately.

He also suggested that all the headmasters and teachers be compelled to a psychological test as unwarranted problems are arising from them.

Meanwhile, a former teacher and Malaysian Tamilan Today’s secretary K Gunasekaran is extremely unhappy with this new incident.

“We just saw SK Seri Pristana matter settled and now a new problem has surfaced. Why teachers under stress behave in such a manner?” asked Gunasekaran.

He said that this was an assault; as such the police and ministry must look into it seriously to investigate why the teacher acted in such a manner.

“Since it’s under police investigation, I suggest the teacher be suspended,” added Gunasekaran.
In addition, he also urged teachers to be counselled to stop this sort of behaviour as it downgrades the noble profession.

“Teachers need to have high moral values and not otherwise as it sets a bad example among their students,” he said.

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