Thursday, September 19, 2013

SK Seri Pristana Incident: What Took Idris Jusoh So Long to “Turun Padang”?

Media Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on September 19, 2013

SK Seri Pristana incident: What took Idris Jusoh so long to “turun padang”?

7 days ago, the second education minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh has asked the public to let slide the issue of pupils made to have their recess in a shower room in SK Seri Pristana.

"Malaysia is a multiracial country, so we should be a forgiving society,” he said.

I have, in an immediate response, said that Malaysians are very forgiving people but Idris Jusoh should know there are reasons why the SK Seri Pristana has not and cannot come to a closure.

I have further said:-

“ He should also know that the issue has not ended is not because there are certain parties who are bent on "fuelling the issue further" as he alleged.

The whole issue has exploded with the meals in changing room incident which could have been resolved if the Education Ministry had immediately conducted a full probe and publish the probe results. But the Education Ministry failed to do this.

Then when allegations surfaced that the headmaster has taken photos of the pupils, the teachers and students harassed some non Muslim students whose faces appeared in the meals in changing room photo that had gone viral in the social media, the Education Ministry again did nothing. “

Yesterday, after visiting SK Seri Pristana, Idris pinned the blame on batu api outsiders for the canteen furore.

"Actually the parents of the pupils involved understood (the situation) and have no problems with the matter. The problem is outsiders who failed to understand what happened.

"The incident was then magnified to the point of becoming a racial issue”, he said.

It is very clear that Idris is fond of pointing fingers at others instead of showing the courage to admit that the Education Ministry has failed to take the necessary early and effective steps to resolve the meals in changing room incident and the bullying of the students in a fair, transparent manner.

Idris can try to deny but the facts are:

1. It was an unhappy parent who uploaded the meals in changing room photo on the facebook.

2. There were parents who were furious about and had made public the pain and plight of their children who were facing problem of being bullied and intimidated.

These parents definitely have the right to bring their issues and unhappiness to the public attention.

I challenge Idris to publicly name the batu api outsiders, failing which he should withdraw his most uncalled and unfair accusation.

There is also one question that he must answer—what took him so long to “turun padang” and visit the school? Where was he when the harassed children and the worried parents needed you most?

There is an internet joke that the only consolation one gets from his visit is at least he did not make the ridiculous remarks that those parents who are not happy can go to another school, after he recently made the ridiculous remarks that those who are unhappy with the National Education Blueprint 2013 –2025 can send their children abroad for studies.

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  1. Idris jusoh should resign from education ministry together with Muhyiddin, Pkamalanathan and Maryyap for their irresponsible stands on HM Sri Pristana primary school issue.They are not fit for the post in this ministry which should practices unity but not discrimination among races. As what we understand no any religion practice to ignore others rights during fasting time (even Muslim, Buddhist, Crist or Hindu).What is the use of having moral studies here.