Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call on the Education Ministry to carry out a full probe into all allegations made against the SK Seri Pristana headmaster.

Media Statement by M Kula Segaran , DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on September 11, 2013

Call on the Education Ministry to carry out a full probe into all allegations made against the SK Seri Pristana headmaster.

Yesterday, when I read the news report that the SK Seri Pristana headmaster Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor has finally apologised to parents over numerous complaints lodged against the school in relation to the eating in the shower room incident, I immediately tweeted the following:-

“ HM's apology welcomed but he shd at least be transferred out. After his 1st apology announced on behalf by P Kamalanathan, what happened?” 

“ Bullying of students happened. HM took photos of students. He allowed police to question students. He shd transfer out, not the students.” 

Then came the news that he had denied that he did apologise. "I did not do anything wrong, so there is nothing to apologise for. The incident shouldn't be an issue anymore," he told The Malaysian Insider.
My immediate reaction via tweet was as follows: 

“now HM denied having apologised. What abt first apology announced by P Kalamanathan? is he going to deny that too?” 

Since Selangor Education Department director Mahmud Karim was present at the meeting where Mohd Nasir was said to have apologise, he should come out to say what had happened.

On July 31, I had publicly called on  the Education Tan Sri Muhyiddin to send a top officer to address the school assembly and convey the message that his Ministry will not tolerate any intimidation , bullying or discrimination against the pupils whose photos of them having meals in the changing room had appeared in the social media. 

Mahmud has taken a long time to finally “ turun padang” and I hope this time he will not take 2 months to tell whether the headmaster did or did not apologise.

In fact, Mahmud Karim should do more than that since the meal in changing room incident has become an issue that has evoked much public concern.

He should explain in detail what had actually transpired at the meeting.

While it is important to know if the headmaster had apologized or otherwise, I take the position that the issue cannot be closed with a mere apology. 

If indeed the school has allowed bullying and intimidation of the students, then stern action must be taken against the culprits. 

I therefore welcome yesterday’s assurance by the second Education Minister Datuk Idris Jusoh that there will be a probe against teachers who have been alleged to harass the students, though this is something that he ought to have said much earlier. 

Nevertheless, he has done better than the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin who has remained silent till today on the bullying issue of SK Seri Pristana.

Datuk Idris should also ensure that there will be a full probe into all the allegations made against the headmaster. 

And if the allegations are true, the issue cannot be closed with a mere apology from him or transferring him out of the school.

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