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‘Show us the education blueprint draft first’ | Free Malaysia Today

‘Show us the education blueprint draft first’

P Ramani | August 27, 2013
Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia, a coalition of several NGOs, also questioned on why the government is secretive and in a haste to launch the blueprint on Sept 6.
KUALA LUMPUR: A coalition of several NGOs today demanded the Education Ministry to reveal the final draft of the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025, before it is launched next month.

The coalition, called Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM), said it was concerned that the blueprint was being finalised without consulting and considering findings made by the civil society.
“We want a copy of the final draft in order for us to examine the changes made in the blueprint,” said GBM chairperson Tan Yew Sing.

He also said that GBM and 25 other NGOs, have submitted a memorandum on the matter in November 2012.

Tan added that they made 15 recommendations in the blueprint, comprising teaching standards, language issues, unity concern and others

He also stated that the education ministry have made 17,000 changes in the blueprint and stated that they would like to see the changes first before its launch in Sept 6.

“We need to see whether it conforms principle of justice, fairness and inclusiveness that transcends ethnicity and benefits the whole society,” said Tan.

GBM vice chairperson Zaid Kamaruddin also questioned on why the government was being secretive about the blueprint and is in haste to launch it.

“We hope that the government will postpone the launch to give us space to examine and endorse the blueprint,” he said.

“We tried to establish communications via e-mails and letters to the Education Ministry requesting for copy of the draft and have  meetings to discuss it, but so far there has been no response from them,” said Zaid.

National issue

The National Indian Action Team (NIAT) chairman and member of the coalition Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim, meanwhile,  slammed the Education Ministry for not allowing stakeholders to scrutinize the blueprint before its launch.

“This is a national issue and the whole Malaysian education system will benefit from the blueprint. The Education Ministry must ensure that the blueprint is welcomed and benefits the society at large,” said Thasleem.

Meanwhile, the coalition chairperson Tan Yew Sing have stated that they cannot support and endorse an educational development plan without a proper consultation.

“We have conducted a study and have noticed that our education system is behind Singapore, Thailand and even Brazil,” said Tan

The vice chairperson of the coalition also added that it’s the right time for the ministry to have called for education improvement through the blueprint and it should be done best at once.

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