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PR’s Missionary Endowment for the People of Perak

Speech by M.Kula Segaran , DAP Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at “Hijacking 2000 acres meant for Tamil schools in Perak” forum organized by Concerned Citizens  on 25/8/13

PR’s Missionary Endowment for the People of Perak 


In 2008, when Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) took over Perak state government , among the fundamentals done for the people were:
1. Conferring freehold land titles in replacement of leasehold titles, which was later retracted by the BN government in 2010.
2. Setting up a non-Islamic department, to attest non-Islamic rules.
3. Setting up a long term empowerment of monetary benefits to Islamic Malay schools, Chinese schools and Tamil schools.
Prof Dr Muniandy

BK Kumar

I am here to address and direct concerns for the third issue.

 As regards to the Tamil schools, for the last 3 years, nothing has moved under the BN administration, whereas we had allocated the Chinese schools with 2,500 acres of land, a credit that was unrightfully stolen by the MCA.

The schools, under the administration of a school board, are able to generate up to RM1.1 million a year (around RM91,666 a month) and upon reaching its fifth year, would generate up to RM3.6 million (RM 300,000 a month).
Sdr Govin


There are 134 Tamil schools, which are in dire need of assistance and the majority are all only partially aided. Under this scheme, the allocation of the 2,000 acre land for oil palm should have returned with monthly returns of RM880,000 a year (roughly RM73,333 a month) and RM2.88 million (RM240,000 a month) upon its fifth year, which are supposed to aid these schools, but because of the indecisiveness, self-interests and politicians mixing their hands into these businesses, the planting of the oil palms did not come into fruition.

From press reports I’ve received and from reliable sources, the state government of Perak has finally given the aforesaid land to some MIC politicians to control, manage and to distribute the profit to schools that are in dire need of the money. It is reliably learned that 2 former deputy ministers and some political leaders have formed a company and has now forwarded a land premium of RM64,000 for the 2,000 acre land.

In contrast, the Chinese organization involved bought the 2,500 acre land for just a land premium of RM10,000+ . A few matters can be deduced from these statements:

1. Why pay RM 64,000 when the Chinese organization paid about RM 10,000+ only?
2. Are Indian politicians richer than Chinese politicians?
3. Where and who sponsored the RM64,000 to the government as premium for the 2,000 acre land?
4. How much would the Indian politicians involved be paid monthly, yearly, as well as the perks and incentives for running and managing the company.

These questions only show that the Chinese organization is benevolent and charitable, with no motive of profit, whereas these Indian politicians are keen to make a quick buck out of the whole deal. 

The fact is that these dealings involving schools and finances should not be handled exclusively by a company run by politicians, as it reeks of corruption and promotes under the table activities, it limits the room for transparency and open talk, unlike the Chinese SUWA schools which has an intermediary company, Semangat Suwa Sdn. Bhd. to handle their issue. This is a quality to be learned in that this organization views education as a necessity and not something that is to be abused.

The finances of these schools should be handled by a non-partisan, independent and fair organization for the benefits of students, parents and teachers and not be involved by some tools whose goal is to enrich the coffers of a select few, as that would be akin to giving donations to a criminal front rather to your local place of worship.

The question is that even if they plead innocence, give promises and so on, can we take their word for it?

How are we sure that these funds are directly channeled into the schools’ expansion, maintenance and so forth, and not into the hands and pockets of suspected cons?

Are they able to provide full account details on the funds given to every school?

Therefore, the control of these lands by a company that is politically linked should be condemned and that there should be calls for an independent body to be set up and to act as the intermediary for these schools.

Water and oil does not mix so goes the same way with politics and business

In 1983,  MIC set up the MAIKA Holdings( MAIKA)  and raised from the Indian poor roughly RM130 million. MAIKA was for the upliftment of the Indians economically but all that failed miserably. Finally 3 years ago MAIKA was sold for a loss due to mismanagement by MIC politicians.

Many other politicians who entered into business with political connections have also failed. Clearly the allocation of 2000 acres to MIC politicians who have no business acumen or experience will be another disaster like MAIKA.

We urge both the Mentri Besar  of Perak and the Prime Minister  to have a relook on the allocation of lands to MIC politicians. As it has been said “it is  no business of the Government to be involved in business” , both the leaders should realize by now how badly MAIKA was managed by MIC. Thus clearly politics and business should go in different ways. 

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