Ten pupils are to be voluntarily transferred out of SK Seri Pristana, Sungai Buloh, following the arrest of V Kumancan, who is the father of a pupil at the school.
Thus far, three have already been transferred while seven other transfers are pending.
According to their spokesperson R Sivarasa, also the MP for Subang, the parents of the 10 pupils had sought the transfer because they were afraid of possible harassment from the police.

NONE“The 10 parents lodged police reports over the case of pupils having to eat in a shower room during Ramadan last month,” Sivarasa said.
Kumancan (left in photo) was arrested after the school headmaster, Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor, reported to police that Kumancan had threatened him.

He was released on police bail at 4.45pm yesterday and is expected to be charged with criminal intimidation on Sept 9.

Kumancan had also told the media that police came looking for him about midnight last Friday.
Arresting the whistleblower

Kumancan added that the police came to his mother-in-law's house at about midnight last Friday. He also accused the police of damaging the fence of the property in order to enter the compound.

Previously, Kumancan had lodged a police report against Mohd Nasir and his staff for allegedly taking photographs of his daughter in school.

"Since then, several police officers called me numerous times and asked me to have my statements recorded.

"I feel that I was being treated like a suspect because when I reach the police station, they (policemen) came forward and surrounded me,” said Kumancan.

Sivarasa, who is also a practising lawyer, said that the police should treat Kumancan as a whistleblower by arresting him and notthe Mohd Nasir.

"I will provide Kumancan legal aid should he be charged in the court. And I will lodge a complaint to Bukit Aman police headquarters," said Sivarasa.