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No surprises here, racial profiling rife in 1M'sia

No surprises here, racial profiling rife in 1M'sia
9:08AM Aug 28, 2013Malaysiakini   
YOURSAY 'It's the failings of the government, and not human nature, that some of us are resorting to profiling to safeguard our own community.'

Minister: Racial profiling in housing sector is not right

your sayVijay47: This racial profiling in the Ridzuan Condominium (where African tenants are forced to vacate units within three months) is certainly wrong and shamefully offensive.

How about if the shoe was on the other foot and Malays for any reason demanded the same, restricting their housing blocks to only Malays and Muslims?

And why is Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan surprised and protesting?

This entire country, its every policy, is run along lines of racial profiling. So why this selective condemnation of the housing sector?

"Wrong message to the international market" you say? Surely you do not need anyone to remind you of the hundreds, if not thousands, of racial and discriminatory policies and practices you and Umno are applying.

Perhaps you expect that with this pious display of "fair-mindedness", we, the public will stand up and applaud you for this latest display of a caring government pursuing endless possibilities.

Parvinder Kler: It may be hypocritical for the minister to say what he has said, but it should not detract from the racial profiling done by the condominium owners. At least they are honest, but it is still racial profiling.

I mean what does 'African' even mean? One of my best friends is an ethnic Indian from Tanzania, and I have white South African friends, plus Arabs and Lebanese from Africa. But they rather not use the word ‘black' I guess.

I'd suggest an anti-racial discrimination act, but our exalted minister would have to be against that, wouldn't he?

Gen2: The government will not dare to introduce any anti-race-profiling laws because race-profiling is the basis of its existence.

Dood: Racial profiling in the housing sector is not right? I wonder what does Abdul Rahman got to say about the very "Malaysian" practice property discounts given to buyers based on membership of a certain race.

Ddeo: Now is the perfect time for Abdul Rahman to speak up against the outdated racial quotas that exist in our housing, business and education sectors.

Educated Malaysians know what's right. Even he knows what's right. It's just whether he has the guts to make his views public.

If he gives an intellectually insulting spin on how it's not the same as discriminating against Africans, then Abdul Rahman risks appearing inconsistent.

Pemerhati: Abdul Rahman tells the people that they should not racially profile and discriminate against Africans. But what the people are doing is nothing compared to Umno's discrimination against more than 10 million non-Malay Malaysians.

The non-Malays, unlike the small number of Africans who would only be discriminated when it comes to renting some condominiums, are discriminated in many fields such as when seeking employment in the public sector and GLCs (government-linked companies), when applying for places in education institutions, when purchasing properties, taxation, etc.

The question Umno and Abdul Rahman have to answer is why is it wrong to discriminate against a few hundred Africans when renting some condominiums but alright to discriminate against more than 10 million of its citizens in a manner that was done in Nazi Germany and South Africa during apartheid.

Discriminating against the Africans is bad but Umno's discrimination against the non-Malays is many times worse.

Quigonbond: While racial profiling feels like racism, I think in Malaysian context, there is another layer of consideration that applies.

First, it is the deliberate nature in which the Malaysian government has opened up our borders to citizens of certain countries but not the rest, and second, whether sufficient tests have been administered to these people before they come in.

The motive for opening up our borders to certain countries is sometimes questionable, especially when it involves elections and votes.

Malaysians are not xenophobic, but if foreigners come in, acts in an intimidating manner, don't follow the local customs, and disenfranchise Malaysians from being able to vote for the government of their choice, then in this case, I think racial profiling is justified.

It's the failings of the government, and not human nature, that some of us are resorting to profiling to safeguard our own community.

RakyatBiasa: Excuse me minister, did you say "you cannot deny anyone buying property based on their race. It is crazy, it is not right"?

Then why was my friend told he can't buy a unit at Kiara Mas condo in Taman Tun Dr Ismail because it is reserved for Malays?

So it's okay to give wrong signals to the local market (citizens of Malaysia) but not okay to give wrong signals to the international market.

So please stop the racial profiling in Malaysia first and treat all Malaysian citizens equally before you even think of what the international market will think.

Wira: Funny that a person from a racist party should comment that racial profiling is not right. We are being racially profiled in this country by Umno-BN to the extent that ethnicity is more important than nationality.

Gemas: Ridzwan Condo has done what many other condos management would like to do. There is condo in Kota Damansara where 240 of the 300 apartments are occupied by students.

Here is a sample of issues caused by this particular group: Singing in public areas after midnight, drinking liquor out in the open, engaging in fights with the security guards who were enforcing house rules, attempted rape, the throwing knife from the upper floors, etc.

Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, tell us how to deal with such a situation?

Anonymous #02382443: In this modern times, it is difficult to call a spade a spade. We all know the problems some people are causing the neighborhood. The stating of a fact always hurt.

If certain group does not behave and they cause pain to few who do really behave, collective rejection should send a message for those who unnecessarily suffered to discipline their kind.

On a broader scale, the government should see how to resolve the issue rather than just sanctioning those who choose to protect their interest.

Franklyspeaking: If safety and payment is the concern, perhaps the condominium should set up an approval process by the Joint Management Board (JMB) to ensure potential tenants meet all the necessary criteria instead of a blanket racial ban.

Abasir: Racial profiling must be stopped and laws have to be enacted stop this activity. However, having said that, the current government is in no position to do anything as it itself blatantly practices racial discrimination.

So it is really a case of the "pot calling the kettle black".

Malaysianheart: I totally agree with the minister that racial profiling in the housing sector would send the wrong message to the international market, but hasn't racial profiling been done to such an extreme state in just about every sector in Malaysia?

Don't you think the international market is so unknowledgeable and totally in the dark? If you are really interested in sending right messages to the international market then it is about time the powers-that-be seriously stop all racial profiling of any sort as soon as possible.

2zzzxxx: Abdul Rahman, you have to first tell your Umno that 'racial profiling is not right' and then only preach to us.

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