YOURSAY 'If they don't hold new elections, you say they are not law-abiding. If they hold new elections, you say admission of guilt.'

DAP's new polls an admission of guilt, says Khairy

your sayP Dev Anand Pillai: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar (KJ), it is not an admission of guilt, it is more of a sign of complete no confidence in the judiciary of the country.

The Registrar of Societies (ROS) has deliberately done this to hamper the progress of the DAP, since it has won 38 seats compared to its other coalition partners.

It is more of a sign that despite all the hurdles put forth in its path, Pakatan Rakyat is here to stay. Umno was de-registered and as a result the whole judiciary had to pay a price for it.

Now after 25 years, the judiciary is under the thumb of the executive, so it will be better to deal with them smartly than to battle them in court.

So it is not an admission of guilt, it is more of a sign of no confidence in the judiciary of the government that you represent at the federal level.

Anonymous #40538199: If they don't hold new election, you say they are not law-abiding. If they hold new elections, you say admission of guilt. Heads you win. Tails they lose.

2LAN: Don't talk like a kampong boy who failed SPM. How can it be admission of guilt when ROS ruled against DAP based on a fictitious booklet written by afictitious character'?

In the first place, DAP volunteered information of their error and it was not discovered by outsiders. Sometimes Oxford degree doesn't guarantee the education of a man.

CiViC: Umno is so predictable. Whatever the opposition does, they have a negative comment for it. By the way KJ, by your theory, BN's action plan to curb corruption is admission of guilt as well?

Tehachapi: KJ, okay you have scored a big political point with the Umno supporters to get re-elected, but you can't ignore that our ROS is clearly politically motivated. People are irritated and confounded by the lack of accountability in the recent ROS' dealings with DAP.

In this instance, DAP leadership has decided to choose a more pragmatic response, bear the humiliation and swallow its pride until another day. In the same way, our many non-Malay citizens have to do the same everyday.
Let me tell you plainly that the root cause of our brain-drain problem is found in gross injustices committed by the government. This brain-drain issue will only worsen without any attempt to restore justice back in government.

While the best and the most confident ones form the first batch, more will join their ranks in the future if the problem of injustice is allowed to fester. With acceleration of brain drain, Malaysia will suffer the long-term consequences. If you really care, do something about it.

Ipohcrite: Despite his co-called Oxford education, Khairy's no better than the unprincipled Umno politician who would resort to below-the-belt punches to achieve his political goals.

It's strange that while he holds DAP to a higher standard, he does not hold Umno and ROS to the same standards of transparency and good governance. That, to me, is his admission that DAP is a principled and more credible party than his own.

For the central executive committee (CEC) issue, at least DAP had the good sense to do what's right to continue serving the rakyat in order to avoid the concerted political minefield planted by its enemies.

Rayfire: Their decision to redo the election is due to their realisation that there is no point arguing with fools and proving they are fools too.

Simple, because ROS is bent on finding fault and you, sir, should know better than to try to use this to make your chances better for the upcoming Umno election. You have talents no doubt, please win with your own might, and not on other's faults.

Slumdog: What choice has DAP got when the whole machinery of government can be thrown at it?

If it is not ROS, it will be the police force, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Home minister, inspector-general of police, Attorney-General, Election Commission and now the brilliant graduate from Oxford.

Khairy, you have turned out to be such a disappointment. After being exposed to the learned halls of one of the most prestigious universities in the world and your exposure to democratic processes in Britain, you display a total lack of intelligence, statesmanship, leadership or moderation in your thinking.

How on earth can you conclude that DAP's decision to hold a fresh central executive committee elections is an "admission of guilt"? When BN chief Najib Abdul Razak did not obtain a two-thirds majority at GE13, why did you not conclude that he was a failure?

YF: By your logic Khairy are you saying EC's admission of using washable ink is an admission of guilt that Umno cheated in the previous GE? Please be more consistent with your "logic" Khairy.

Hang Babeuf: When, after you have had a gun held at your head for a month or two, you finally open your wallet and hand over your money, this action, according to the ever-inventive and often self-deluded KJ, is presumably just the making of a voluntary charitable donation.
Come off it, KJ. Is that what they teach you in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford? Really.

Anonymous #02382443: Oxbridge graduates, particularly politicians, should have better sense than nick-picking. What sort of leaders have we?

Why don't they concentrate on other major issues in the development of this country. Surely there are other more pressing issues, like fighting crimes, corruption, uplifting the level of hardcore poor, improving our ever failing education systems, etc.

NewMalaysia: Khairy, shame on you and your Umno in using ROS to attack DAP, however the battle has been won by DAP when your ROS could not prove any wrongdoing by unable to give any reason for requesting DAP re-election.

DAP's decision to accept re-election request is just to further proof they are the victim of unreasonable prosecution by Umno.

Lusiapa: A truth is a truth even if it is said once; a lie remains a lie even if it is repeated a thousand times, in different forms and uttered by a host of opportunistic idiots of varying degree.

All right-thinking Malaysians believe that a genuine mistake did take place in the last CEC elections and the ROS is nothing less than a stooge and shameless/ willing accomplice of the BN bullies.

JoanH: What is clear in the minds of all readers here is that the ROS is has abused its power and has been used as a tool by Umno, in calling for DAP to do a re-election. The fact is that ROS couldn't even give a valid reason to explain its actions.

Khairy knows that blatant abuse of power by ROS but refuses to acknowledge it. In the same manner, he has chosen not to acknowledge the reason behind the brain-drain in Malaysia.

As Youth and Sports minister, surely he must understand the expression, ‘playing on a level playing field'.

Anthony John: I thought this guy had a bit more grey matter compared to the others, but then how do you refrain from herd mentality?

Democracy: I concur with KJ when he said that this re-election is an admission of guilt by the top DAP leadership. Knowing very well how DAP conducts its moves after all these years, people can see that they will never give in even an inch if they had done no wrong.

They will defend their innocence even if it means Lim Guan Eng had to go to jail (for the unfortunate Malay girl case).

Lim and the other top leaders can spin it in whichever way they like, but this is definitely an admission of guilt. Ordinary members must not succumb to their top leaders sympathetic cry.

True democracy means that DAP must change its constitution so that direct elections be held to elect its president, deputy president, vice-president, secretary-general and central working committee (CWC) members - failing which, democracy will forever be a mockery in the DAP.

Maplesyrup: Well, will KJ say that DAP is not guilty if they do not conduct a new CEC polls? But then what is the use, when ROS would proceed to de-register DAP.

By then, I am sure KJ will join the chorus of BN politicians to praise ROS for putting DAP in the 'right' place. Either way, DAP will be criticised. This is the "evidence-based" politics that KJ is hoping for?

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