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Cops in Seri Pristana crossfire, parent insists kids were quizzed

Cops in Seri Pristana crossfire, parent insists kids were quizzed

August 27, 2013
Malaysian Insider
Latest Update: August 27, 2013 06:36 pm
A parent of an ex-pupil at SK Seri Pristana insists that his nine-year-old daughter was questioned by police at least twice about the SK Seri Pristana shower room (pic) controversy.

This comes after Sungai Buloh police chief Superintendent Junaidi Bujang denied the allegation that police questioned the children without their parents being present.

"The OCPD is lying," claimed the 39-year-old parent, who wanted to be known only as Raj.

Junaidi has yet to return calls from The Malaysian Insider regarding Raj’s latest accusation.
Raj said that his daughter, now transferred out of the school, was questioned twice by police at SK Seri Pristana last month.

Raj was one of 10 parents who lodged reports against school principal Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor who had ordered non-Muslim pupils to have their recess meals in the shower room.

Raj also alleged that  nine other children were questioned by police at the school.

"How can they talk to the children without our presence?" he said during a press conference attended by other parents in Sungai Buloh yesterday.

Subang Member of Parliament R. Sivarasa said if this was true, it was grave misconduct by the police.
"They must tell or at least get the permission of the parents before questioning the children," he said.
In a twist of events yesterday, a parent, V. Kumancan was arrested for allegedly threatening Mohd Nasir.

It is alleged that he went to the school on July 25 at 2.30pm, but Kumancan denied the accusation, saying he was working at the time.

However, it is understood that Kumancan's boss told police that the had not been to work for two weeks at the time.

The 31-year-old parent was later released on police bail but is expected to be charged with criminal intimidation soon.

Kumancan himself lodged a report on July 30 against Mohd Nasir and the school for allegedly taking photographs of his 10-year-old daughter in school.

He alleged the incident happened twice on July 29, four days after the shower room incident came to light.  – August 27, 2013.

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