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Seriously, when will Umno stop blaming the Chinese?

Seriously, when will Umno stop blaming the Chinese?
8:32AM Jul 8, 2013  
YOURSAY 'How long will BN and Umno ministers continue with this kind of fear tactics based on race and religion?'

'Only 15pct of shops in Klang Valley are bumi-owned'

your sayLittleGiant: The statement by Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan that only 15 percent of the retail shops in the Klang Valley are operated by the bumiputeras, claiming that the rest are operated by the Chinese is troubling.

But then if Ahmad Maslan's claim is true, who actually is to be blamed for this anomaly? Did the Chinese forcibly take it away from the Malays?

Holding on to power with less than 50 percent support of the country's electorate at GE13, Umno politicians have resorted to blaming the Chinese for their own shortcomings and failures in the socio-economic development of the Malays.

Why is Umno afraid to admit that blatant cronyism and corruption are the main causes for the unequal distribution of wealth in the Malay community, and for that matter, among the Chinese and Indians too?

If Umno politicians stop their irrational statements, it will surely help in forging national unity.

Jittyjitty: Ahmad Maslan, can you say who owns all the GLCs (government-linked companies) if not the Malays?

Who are actually being given all kinds of help, including money, to get ahead in business? The Chinese and the Indians get nothing. Yet you still cry that the Malay economic pie is below 15 percent.

Perhaps you are stupid enough not to know that they have almost reached 60 percent share of the economic pie when all public services are privatised to Malays - water, electricity and even waste.

Service providers such as the Syabas CEO earn salaries in the millions. Go talk to them first before bringing up stupid comparisons with the Chinese. Real Malays are being kept poor and fed your kind of bull.

Justice Pao: These retail businesses are built without any help from the racist Umno government. The institutionalised racial discrimination has forced the Chinese to work harder to ensure that their family survived in the cities.

The civil service, government contracts and GLCs are dominated 100 percent by Umno Malays with the idea of making the rural poor Malays continually dependent on Umno. Yet we have this deputy minister talking nonsense.

Donplaypuks: If what Maslan says is true - and I don't trust this government's statistics one bit - ask yourself, how could it have happened after 40 years of spoon-feeding the bumiputeras under the NEP (New Economic Policy)?

Is it because it's the ‘Umnoputras' who hijacked the NEP for themselves and their cronies, against the interest of the larger bumiputera community?

Then blame former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the present PM Najib Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin - they are the crooks responsible.

Kuning: What has the ruling government been doing since the NEP was introduced in the 1970s? What has Mahathir done in his 22 years as the prime minister? What has the Umno and the BN establishment been doing to uplift the Malay economic pie?

Seriously, how long will BN and Umno ministers continue with this kind of fear tactics based on race and religion?

Anonymous$&@?: After 40 years of Malay-first policies and only 15 percent of Malaysia's economy is controlled by the Malays?

Umno, you have failed badly. You don't deserve to be leading the Malays. Just disband and disappear.

Hplooi: This is really painful. despite 40 over years of aggressive affirmative action, the Chinese are still being blamed.

For the past 40-over years, even when all public institutions, national wealth, political control, management control are overwhelmingly on the side of the Malays.

Yet we are constantly reminded of how the Chinese are garnering an unequal share of the wealth. Even the statistics are not transparent. So Malaysia, apa lu lagi mahu? (What more do you want?)

SelangorKu: One Petronas is equivalent to one billion Chinese shops. One Bank Bumiputra is equivalent to all the Chinese banks combined. One Sime Darby is equivalent to all the plantations combined.

The Chinese have managed to own shops without government help - unlike Mara, UDA, Fama, PUNB, KR1M shops and so on that the bumis enjoy.

Platform_sinking: Ahmad Maslan, what is the issue? Do you need to be a hero at the Umno general assembly, which will be held at the end of this year?
Just look at Pakatan Rakyat Malays in Penang who can stand on their own feet and don't need Umno Penang to always complain about Malays being ill-treated and sidelined. Why can't you Umno Malays (the Perkasa type) grow up?

LogicalMalaysian: As part of the government that formulated and nurtured the NEP and later its National Development Policy, it is sad that they literally admit their failure to achieve the targets of these policies. What went wrong?

With all the bumiputera policies over the years, why such a dismal failure? After all, the BN government had two-thirds majority and was lead by Umno. Is it their incompetence?

The more they talk about this, the more they spit in the wind. Of course, it is sadly true that Malays still have a lot of catching up to do but the Malays, instead of evoking emotion, have to realise that not in another 100 or 200 years can this government improve their fortunes, except for the few.

Their wealth as a whole will only improve if they place their hope on an alternative government.

Factnot Fiction: Thanks to the government that gives special right to cronies, the Chinese who are the third-class citizens know that we need to work hard.

Spoilt children, on the other hand, never do well and always blame the whole world for their failures.
Deputy finance minister Maslan spits in the wind

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