The mother who exposed the photographs of the shower canteen controversy has received kidnap threats while her daughter is being bullied by both classmates and teachers in SK Seri Pristana.

According to a report in the Sun, Guneswari Kelly said she received calls from unknown individuals threatening to vandalise her property and kidnap her daughter.

NONEGuneswari, who uploaded the photographs on Facebook, had informed the police about the matter.

She also said that her nine-year-old daughter was depressed because she was being picked on at school.

"The students tease her about it, and the teachers berate her. They ask her why I did such a thing," she told the Sun.

Guneswari had reported the incident to the school's Parent-Teacher Association.

The mother claimed that she never intended to turn the incident into one that concerned race and religion, but was just alarmed about the hygiene aspect of having the children eat their meals in the shower room.

Guneswari was also puzzled by the move to post a photograph of Muslim teachers breaking fast in the shower room.

"What are the teachers trying to prove?" she asked. "The children had to eat there every day."

Guneswari also filed a police report against the school, bringing the total number of reports against the school to 14.

A check by Malaysiakini also revealed that Guneswari's Facebook page was no longer active.

The SK Pristana issue witnessed various quarters giving it a racial and religious twist while both the school authorities and Education Ministry denied this.

The headmaster, who had since been ordered to go on leave, had claimed that the shower room was used as the canteen was under renovation.