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Which part of 'resign' doesn't EC understand?

Which part of 'resign' doesn't EC understand?
8:42AM Jun 13, 2013  
FREE YOURSAY ‘This issue is about trust. Why hold on to the posts if there is no trust for the EC from the people.'

EC leadership will not step down, says Abdul Aziz

your sayCala: Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof is showing his ignorance as well as his poor grasp of knowledge about leadership. Leadership is about the process of leading, not about posts per se.

He appears to imply that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition wants him to step down simply because of the results of 13th general election.

First, has he conveniently forgotten the Bersih 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 rallies? What were the objectives of the exercises? Were they not because the people were fearful of defective and flawed electoral rolls? What about the indelible ink issue?

It is precisely due to the EC's lack of response - and the lack of transparency in its operations - that the problems persisted. Now one finds Pakatan (and BN) in a thankless position to have to challenge the validity of the results in many constituencies.

Second, he did answer the question in the minds of the people rather well. This issue is about trust. Why hold on to the posts if there is no trust for the EC from the people?

Third, as another state-led institution of a typical Third World state, the EC is not an independent institution bent on seeing a fair and equitable outcome of a general election.

Its existence, by the manner of its conduct, appears to take the long-term survival of the Umno-led BN regime closer to its heart.

Hence, the EC is nothing but another instrument of the regime. Its leadership is dysfunctional. Its leaders must step down.

Victor Johan: There are umpteen police reports against the EC over the indelible ink that had turned out to be easily removed.

Investigations should cover the possibility of fraud during the voting process, and the possibility of irregular purchasing of the said RM6 million ink.

Thus, the current EC line-up - chairperson Abdul Aziz, deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar and its five other commissioners - should resign from their positions and let the police investigate the fiasco.

Mahashitla: The fact that BN is going to file 21 petitions and Pakatan another 30 over, are good enough reasons for the entire EC leadership to resign.

The indelible ink fiasco alone is enough for both the EC chief and his deputy to face prison sentences. I think the rakyat should petition the Agong for their removal.

Azlan Ahmad: Don't waste time in trying to do the impossible. The Pakatan coalition can only change the EC if it is in power; otherwise, it will be wishful thinking.

We have to make sure that Pakatan wins the general election the next time around, and if possible, with a two-thirds majority so that there will not be any more court appeals as the victory would have been decisive then.

Furthermore, it's better that we don't waste our time making police reports as at the rate police reports are made, the police will end up having no time to fight crime, but will be spending their time looking at these reports instead.

Touche: If EC commissioners do not want to resign or step down or can't be sacked, what chance does Pakatan has in GE14 as the EC will continue to gerrymander to support BN to win?

In that scenario, BN can win GE14 with a simple majority with only 20 percent of popular votes.

FairGame: Abdul Aziz, you and your sidekick seem to have no principles and pride. You abused your position, talked down to the rakyat who questioned your impartiality, and spun a web of deceit to cover up lies after lies.

And now, you have the gall to say that you can only be removed by law. Obviously, you are hiding behind the law because you have lost everything - even your soul - to the devil.

Anonymous #02382443: One should not only look at one's continued employment from a legal point of view.

If one does not command the respect and confidence of the majority of the people, it is only right and proper from a moral point of view to step down with honour and dignity.

Malaysian57: If this had been in the United Kingdom or in Japan, they would have resigned simply by looking at the numerous complaints and the inability of the EC to solve them fast and effectively.

Any self-respecting individual from a refined culture would resign and make way for others so that changes can take place.

Anonymous_3f55: You may be appointed by the Agong, but your appointment is based on the advice of the prime minister. So much for your independence.

Comments: Good luck, EC. Even with a tainted EC shielding itself by using the ruler's name, the people will always win in the end. How unashamed is the EC; how much more insults does it want to throw at the rakyat?

Anonymous #76965586: Do you not hear the people who have been going to the streets to protest?
People go to the streets when the EC is not functioning professionally, when courts cannot carry out fair judgments and when the police are not protecting the public interest.

Not Confused: Well, one of the grounds cited by this past-sell-by-date individual is loss of public trust. If they haven't lost that, I am lost for words.

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