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What's wrong for a Malay to join DAP?

What's wrong for a Malay to join DAP?
9:58AM Jun 16, 2013  
YOURSAY 'Why is Umno afraid of Malays holding important posts in DAP? Or is it that only Umno can speak on behalf of the Malays?'

UiTM VC denies calling Lim's aide 'pengkhianat'

your sayYnwa: Only indolent people cannot accept the rise of Pakatan Rakyat and DAP. Without the opposition, we would all be paying more taxes as there would have been even more corruption and mismanagement.

We need to compete with the rest of the world and not among the various races in Malaysia, and this is what DAP and Lim Kit Siang's new political secretary Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud are propagating. Keep it up Dyana, you are my heroine.

Jaguh: People like Dyana are those who have a brain, compared to those who condemn her. She has seen the 'light' and without coaxing/hesitation, has joined the fight for justice, equality and meritocracy. And by the way, she is not alone.

Anonymous_5fb: What's wrong for a Malay to join DAP? Is there a law that forbids a Malay from joining DAP?

Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar is not fit to be the vice-chancellor (VC) of UiTM if it turns out he was indeed the one who tweeted the offending message.

Ourvotesdecide: I have just read the Quran to find out if there is any verse therein that says every Malay or Muslims must support or vote for Umno. I doubt whether there is such a thing.

So what lies are these Umno fellows talking about? Shame on them. DAP and non-Umno political parties are, like Umno, legally registered parties under the same law.

In other words, DAP, PKR and PAS are legitimate political parties and it's not a sin or a crime to support or vote for them.

The federal constitution guarantee us freedom to vote for these parties in elections. And our laws do not deem those Malays and Muslims not voting for Umno as traitors.

2LAN: Why is Umno afraid of Malays holding important posts in DAP? Don't they want DAP to listen to the Malays in order to serve the community better? Or is it that only Umno can speak on behalf of the Malays?

Minahkerang: If the Malays are friendly with DAP, they are traitors and apostates, but if Malays are friendly with MCA and Gerakan, what would you then call them? That's the level of mentality of Umno.

Rick Teo: Dyana, you are a rare breed. Brave to go against the trend and courage to stand up for what you believe is right. Umno deliberately plant the seeds of hatred against DAP because they know that DAP fights against corruption and greed.

Abasir: Malaysians must remember that Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Umno created and placed thousands of half-baked, parasitic, extravagantly titled order-takers in places like UiTM to do their bidding.

All of them share some common characteristics: an amazing ability to spout inanities in bad English, mindlessly repeating Biro Tatanegara-coined phrases like 'penghianat bangsa dan agama' and when cornered, deny everything they have said or claim to be misquoted or in this case, account hacked.

While these fellows are hopelessly pathetic and deserve the scorn they always receive, they do serve a useful purpose. They provide comic relief for entertainment-starved Malaysians.

Moontime: I don't know why but there seems to be a distinct stench of familiarity with the way certain Umno supporters behave. They love to spout pathetic words like 'pengkhianat bangsa' 'maruah bangsa tergadai' and 'siapa sokong DAP dialah pengkhianat bangsa'.

I deem these kind of people imbeciles of the highest order. Their brains have been washed by Umno's brand of soap that they fail to look at things objectively and rationally.

If the UiTM VC really tweeted those insulting words, he should have the magnanimity to apologise. He claimed that his Twitter account was hacked but doesn't seem to be too concerned, or want to do something, about it.

I pity some Malays who are still stuck with the old mindset that to support DAP means to betray the Malays. Don't you realise that the very party that you support have betrayed the Malays time and again?

To name a few, remember the Bank Bumiputra and Perwaja scandal? How many jobs were lost and lives ruined because of the greed and arrogance of the Malay leaders then?

Pemerhati: We have seen that when BN ministers and their other high-ranking public officials are caught with their pants down, they will usually say that they have been misquoted or that the statement was taken out of context.

Now they can also say that they did not write anything and someone had hacked into their account and wrote those nasty stuff.

Now, if an ordinary person were to say something on Twitter and gets charged with sedition, can that person also give the excuse that his or her account had been hacked? The chances are further investigations would be carried out to ascertain the truth.

Would a similar investigation be done on this VC?

AngryBird: "Malay Muslims who join the DAP are confirmed to have identity and akidah (faith) issues," Umno Youth exco member Tun Faisal Ismail said.

So Malay Muslims who join corrupted Umno have no identity and akidah issues, Faisal? This is most idiotic comment from the most idiotic person.

ACR: Who is Tun Faisal to talk about others' akidah? When you can say next to nothing about blatant corruption and racism in your own party, you are talking about the akidah of others?

Pahatian: So according to Tun Faisal, all those who join Umno do not have identity and akidah issues. Yes, they are saints.

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