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PKR leader warns of battle fatigue as some reps waver

PKR leader warns of battle fatigue as some reps waver
  • Nigel Aw
  • 2:28PM Jun 23, 2013
  • Malaysiakini
PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has warned of political fatigue, as some among Pakatan Rakyat's ranks appear to waver in its push against alleged electoral fraud in last month's general election.

Speaking at the opening of the Pakatan Rakyat leadership convention, Anwar concurred with PAS vice president Husam Musa that such leaders were in fact the voices of Umno in the opposition coalition.

anwar ibrahim at black 505 rally in padang merbok 1"There are some among us who are talking about moving forward. I would like to remind them that if they were to remain in Pakatan, moving forward without understanding the realities of the past is impossible.

"The people who are only talking about moving forward is the same of what Husam said, they are the voices of Umno in Pakatan and we must have courage to reject and deflect this," he said.

Anwar urged the elected representatives of the opposition coalition who were present not to lose sight of its cause as fatigue sets in.

"The persecution of Pakatan leaders continue despite the government being a minority one... We cannot deny that majority of rakyat rejected Umno and BN. (But) it is the system that allowed them to remain in power.

kl black505 event 220613"But we cannot concede. In politics, this is called fatigue syndrome. When it infects in Pakatan Rakyat, people will find way to reduce the fatigue or find 'income'," he said.

Anwar drew parallels to Pakatan's failed September 16 plan in 2008 when it had attempted to entice MPs from BN to defect in order to form a new government.

"When they saw the hope of capturing federal power after 2008, they defended it.

"But when hope for power seemed distant, they began to find new arguments which really are just arguments for 'income'," he said in reference to the PKR representatives who defected after the plan failed to materialise

Similarly, Anwar pointed out that people were enthusiastic when it appeared Pakatan had a shot at capturing Putrajaya during last month's election.

"But as soon as it appears distant, they are making all kinds of excuses," he said.

Husam had earlier this month hit out at PAS elected representatives who did not turn up at a Black 505 rally in Kerteh, Terengganu, allegedly at the convincing of a PAS MP.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was also initially absent at the Black 505 rallies but later fell in line as Anwar rallied his men at PKR's convention last month.

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