YOURSAY ‘Going by his logic, the people who voted for the opposition are not obliged to pay taxes. If he wants to collect taxes, he is legally required to provide services.’

Guan Eng: Pakatan treats all voters fairly, why can't BN?

Toonarmy: Taxpayers' money comes from all Malaysians. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin should remember that before opening his gap.

Doesn't he want to be a deputy PM to all Malaysians? Then again, 51 percent of us don't want him.

Reason: The Chinese voted DAP and also PAS and PKR, so let them turn to these parties to help them. BN will run Malaysia on a general basis, but help its own constituencies and states under its controlled prosper.

Umno must never be disbanded nor BN be a single-membership party. It must look after the Malays, for that is what it has been created for.

And if the Malays support them, they must continue to look after the Malays and increase Malay support.

The Chinese will return, albeit after realising they can never get anything from a group calling themselves Pakatan Rakyat.

BTN: What do you expect from Umno? Don't expect anything at all and you will not be disappointed.

Wira: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, we can tell you why BN cannot treat every voter equally. It is because they are supported by the minority and they need those ignorant and brainwashed folks to continue playing that dirty gerrymandering game.

Anonymous #40538199: Umno always thinks they are the lords. Whatever they do for the rakyat is charity, out of their compassion. That's why they still insist that the rakyat have to be grateful to them.

They forget that in democracy, they were in the position to govern because the rakyat given them the chance, not because of it’s their birth right.

Bijan: No mature political leader in the world will punish voters who do not vote for them. Instead, they will try hard to help these voters so that they will vote for them in the next election.

Spinnot: Muhyiddin thinks he will never need Chinese support in the future because regardless of whether BN wins or loses in GE14, he won't be the PM anyway. He will either be DPM or deputy leader of the opposition.

Anonymous_4196: Muhyiddin’s statement just shows that he is not a leader for all Malaysians. His understanding of the democratic process is almost zilch. Do we want this kind of person to represent Malaysia? Definitely not.   

Bluemountains: Going by his logic, the people who voted the opposition parties are legally not obliged to pay taxes. If he wants to collect taxes, he is legally required to provide services to the people.

Is Muhyiddin DPM for 47pct of Malaysians only?

2 Tim 1:7: Both PM Najib Razak and DPM Muhyiddin are not the legitimate incumbents for Umno won GE13 through massive fraud.

Muhyiddin must realise that he has no authority to disburse taxpayers money as he pleases - it is not his datok's (grandfather’s) money.

At a recent ceramah in Johor, PAS leader Tamrin Abdul Ghafar has shown how Muhyiddin was implicated in the Stamford Holdings scandal.

Hang Tuah: This is the type of DPM Malaysia has. If he wants to give greater assistance to those who voted for BN, then those who voted for Pakatan do not need to pay taxes.

Why should we pay taxes for BN to enjoy and to use our money for their benefit? This is a clear discrimination of the BN government against its citizens.

Touch: If the DPM is sincere in wanting to do favours to those who voted and supported him, he should know what to do for the Pagoh constituency which voted him as MP.

Indeed, he should also know that what is critically needed for a dual-carriageway road from Pagoh toll to Muar. What has he done so far?

He travels so often by helicopter but not realising the difficulty faced by road users.

Fairnsquare: In a democracy, everyone has the right to use their votes independently and as such should not be penalised.

The government should focus on winning back lost votes rather than lose further popularity through divisive strategies.

Spinnot: Najib says he wants a 1Malaysia. Muhyiddin wants a 2Malaysia - one Malaysia with the 47 percent who voted for BN, and another with the 51 percent who voted for Pakatan.

Fair Play: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, you should thank the DPM for this public declaration.

BN has just shot itself in the foot. No doubt the 47 percent would be reduced significantly in GE14. Pakatan need not worry about winning GE14 because BN would lose it.

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