YOURSAY 'The post-13 GE rally in Kelana Jaya was multiracial. In fact, there were more Malays where I was seated.'

Rallies prove 'Chinese racism' in GE13, says Dr M

your sayAbsalom: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in this country of plenty, people of all races could have and can still live harmoniously, happily and contended.

It is people like you who continue to throw the spanner in the works, creating divisions, instilling suspicion and hatred among us.

Much as the country is fortunate to be richly endowed, it is unfortunate that after the Tunku Abdul Rahman, who was a great benevolent leader, we have been burdened with a leader who pretends to be the champion of one race by whacking the other races when actually he is just fighting for his own survival and that of his cronies.

There is hope yet because a growing number of people of all races can see through you and your phony logic. These good people are willing to stand up for what is right and fight injustice. Mahathir, take a look at the pictures from the Black 505 rallies.

Pemerhati: This greedy Malyalee, who took advantage of the constitution to become a Malay so as to benefit from the privileges that were meant for the backward native Malays, continues to play his race card which enabled him to have almost dictatorial rule over Malaysia for 22 years and steal tens of billions for himself and his family.

The urban Malays have wised up to this crook but those in the rural areas, who only have access to Umno's monopolised print and electronic media, have not been able to overcome the effects of the constant brainwashing, propaganda and the false news such as the one now by Mahathir that the majority of the people attending the rallies are Chinese and that the "DAP's hatred of the Malays has been consistent throughout the years".

The harsh and sad reality is that Umno had more than 55 years and almost dictatorial powers to uplift the Malays. If the Malays are still backward, it is entirely because of Umno's rotten policies and massive theft.

Cala: To have the audacity to call DAP a racist party is akin to slapping a person on the face, and then kicking him on the stomach. So guess what did the victim do?

After decades of implementing NEP, the minorities are made to suffer as they observe the success of some of our Malay brothers in education, civil service, health care, and corporate shareholdings.

The marginalisation of the minorities together with looting and plundering of national resources by the ruling elites do not go unnoticed amongst the middle-class Malays, themselves the beneficiaries of the NEP.

The latter group's discontentment manifest itself through participation in various Bersih-organised rallies, and many join PAS and PKR as outlets to express their shame on the lack of universalism in the Umno-led BN regime.

Put simply, Mahathir reaps what he sows.

TakeMiddlepath: Mahathir is in a class of his own where racism is concerned. It pales in comparision to the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, and more recently the 'famous' ex-judge Mohd Noor Abdullah and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) pro-chancellor Abdul Rahman Arshad.

If DAP is such a racist party; why did BN invite them to join the ruling coalition?

ACR: The post-13 GE rally in Kelana Jaya was multiracial. In fact, there were more Malays where I was seated.

Mahathir, like most Umno leaders of the past, have no idea what the younger generation of Malaysians want. Like the ex-judge Mohd Noor, these old Umno leaders cannot fathom that society can be non-racial.

The only reason he keeps labelling DAP and the Chinese racist is to justify Umno's inherent racism. That is Umno's business model - we have to protect the Malays because others are out to fix them. Bollocks!

Habib: There is timing for everything. One day (I hope it is coming soon), Dr M's divide-and-rule strategy which can only survive in the present dark ages will no longer be effective when there are enough Malays and non-Malays waking up from our collective pain.

Dr M has been shrewd enough to ride on our division to rule the country until now. When the light comes, darkness will disappear.

We have already seen there are already leaders emerging amongst us spreading light of knowledge under the dark forces of the present BN government. Dr M is the head of the dark forces currently controlling BN. Only love and mercy can dispel the evil of dark forces.

Malaysian57: Many people I know and I myself, do not vote based on race. We vote for trustworthy, efficient and courageous people who will do what is right.

And when there is little choice, we go for the less evil hoping there will be less negative effects on the country.

Lamborghini: There is none so blind as one who refuses to see reality but look at everything through tainted glasses of prejudice. Mahathir is Malaysia's biggest racist as evident by his speeches and actions, and yet he shamelessly calls others racist.

The convoluted reasoning he comes out with is beyond the comprehension of sensible people. At best, he is self-deluded.

But what is so dangerous is that he is intentionally saying things that is aimed at provoking a section of the country's population with the sinister intention to disrupt the peace and harmony of our beloved nation to further his own political and personal agenda.

OMG!!: Who is the biggest racist in town? And why is the sedition laws only apply on opposition leaders and dissidents?
Dr M at best a hypocrite, at worst a racist

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