YOURSAY 'Why should a few officers in PDRM who commit serious crimes be treated differently from those who are not police officers?'

Zahid agrees with Waytha's suspension proposal

your saySlumdog: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi cautioned that suspending the suspected offenders must be done delicately to avoid "demoralising" the police force.

I can't believe he made such a thoughtless statement. An innocent man has died in police custody and he is concerned about avoiding demoralising the police force.

These are the types of police officers the force does not need, but Zahid continues to protect them. Is the morale of the police force so fragile? Are the police so weak?

These are the bully boys and thugs who torture, assault, shoot, murder, rape, plant incriminating evidence, abuse their power and steal from innocent citizens and yet they may be demoralised if the police officers identified so far in the custodial death, are suspended from duty?

Progressive: "Zahid cautioned that such a move (suspension) must be done delicately to avoid ‘demoralising' the police force."

‘Demoralising', ‘delicate' - by gosh such words for these suspected murderers. God bless this post-GE13 cabinet. God bless this country for having a minister of such calibre. I have no more words.

Ksn: What are you talking about, home minister? A person has died in police custody apparently after being tortured by police officers. What ‘delicacy' are you implying?

Why should a few officers in PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) who commit serious crimes be treated differently from those who are not police officers?

As a matter of fact, these officers must be made examples of so that others in the force will not ape them. So please, do not look for excuses.

The other police officers would not be demoralised. In fact, the good ones whom I believe are the majority, would not allow power get to their heads. You too have something to learn here, Zahid.

Anonymous #40538199: It is not a question of demoralising the police force but asking the police personnel to be responsible for their actions in order to up hold the good name of police force, and send a clear massage to that all suspected crimes will be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators punished if proven.

Survivor: Zahid, we are talking about lives being lost due to potential culpable homicide or murder if you like. It has nothing to do with demoralising someone in particular, or the police force in general.

If suspending those suspected to be involved in the murder of N Dhamendran can prevent or cause to prevent any future prejudicial or summary execution of innocent members of the public or anyone under the custody of the police force, then we should go all out for it.

See3: Zahid says " that future custodial deaths are not automatically blamed on the police"? He obviously doesn't know what custodial deaths means, and why there should even be future custodial deaths in the first place.

Where are the CCTVs? Weren't they supposed to be functioning all along? If he wants a positive image for the PDRM, he must punish the black sheep in the force and stop pussyfooting around.

Adsertor: The issue here is more critical than the demoralising of the police force. Preservation of human life and respect for its sacredness are paramount to all other considerations.

The police officers involved must immediately be charged and be locked up for the safety of the public.

P Dev Anand Pillai: What is minister Zahid talking about when referring to the demoralisation of the force? It is most probably one of the most pampered departments in the Malaysian civil service.

These police officers must be taught a severe lesson or else we will encourage more legal thuggery by young, lowly educated, intellectually challenged men who are given the blue uniform and asked to function as police officers.

Legit: Zahid, you are answerable to the people, the voters who voted you and the taxpayers who pay your salary. Don't talk nonsense.

This whole police force needs cleaning up and needs to refocus on crime prevention and stop being a partner in crime. As home minister, please come up with constructive ideas on how to do these, otherwise just resign.

Tiger: These bunch of police thugs are no different to those civilian murderers. The only difference is they wear badges.

Until we can correct this ‘samseng culture' in the police force, the police will never have the respect of the people. Obviously, with the new inspector-general of police (IGP), things are not going to get any better soon.

Wira: Zahid, the force is demoralised because more and more rakyat neither believe nor trust them and they are not doing a noble job today which would bring them immense satisfaction.
Your duty is to bring pride back to the force. Allowing suspects in the force to remain on duty while a murder investigation is ongoing is not the standard operating procedure anywhere in the world, except in extremely corrupt and authoritarian regimes.

Anonymous #49857050: I am of the opinion that this minister does not know which act that really causes the demoralisation in the police force.

When you as the leader and refuse to act, you are ultimately telling the whole police force and the rakyat that you condone the killing. That is what demoralises the police force and the rakyat; not the suspension.

Chindarkam Siri Songkram: In fact, sterner actions must be meted out against those culprits in the police force as they are supposed to uphold the law and integrity of the police force. This is the only way to gain public confidence.
'M'sians are demoralised by rogue police officers'

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