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EAIC not a rose by any other name

EAIC not a rose by any other name
10:31AM Jun 19, 2013Malaysiakini     
YOURSAY 'Are we to believe that the EAIC has tighter controls than IPCMC? There should not be any more dilly-dallying - just implement the IPCMC.'

'Stern action vital, whether it is IPCMC or EAIC'

your sayMushiro: A royal commission of inquiry (RCI) clearly recommended the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

The last three inspector-general of police (IGPs) does not favour IPCMC. It is not for the IGP to have a choice as it involves the police.

The government, and even backdoor Minister Paul Low, prefer the Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission (EAIC). Why? Are we to believe that the EAIC has tighter controls than IPCMC?

In dragging their feet on this urgent issue, many more custodial deaths have occurred and the police culprits are getting away with it. There should not be any more dilly-dallying - just implement the IPCMC.

2 Tim 1:7: Like a corpulent man belching after a huge meal, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin can of course make sanctimonious comments on custodial deaths.

He means nothing by it, and incidentally, he is chalking up brownie points. For if he were man enough to make specific allegations against the police, they would immediately begin investigating him for commercial crime.

When will symbiosis of this kind (I help you, you help me) the bane of our nation be obliterated?

Ib: This young man must be mindful that it may look good and feel good talking about the issue, but he is not home minister, nor education minister, nor prime minister.

Hence he could easily be looking like the biggest fool when nobody follows through after all the talking. Shall we take a bet? With so many skeletons in the cupboard, or rather cabinet, why would any of his peers support stern action?

Rojak: Khairy, the question of agency (both in the sense of the composition of the monitoring institution and also in the sense of its independence) is crucial. Freedom from interference by interested parties is everything.

How can someone with an ostensibly good education not see this basic point? I'd go further and suggest that blindness to the concept of conflict of interest is the main flaw holding you back from being a potentially decent politician.

It crops up in your statements time and again. Could it be a lack of courage to go the whole way and do what you actually know to be the right thing?

Tell The Truth: On the contrary, KJ, without a proper structure to haul up the guilty parties and with proper authority given for prosecution your "stern action" is nothing but talk.

Obviously the EAIC doesn't work - even a former judge who had a hand in it admits it. So what happened to the RM4 million to set it up? Of the two years in existence, only one arrest?

Come on, KJ, of all people you come up with some stupid recommendation. Of course, a proper authority is important, but EAIC is not it.

Democracy: Khairy, can you please explain why an individual like you or even the cabinet is overruling what the royal commission, which was set up by the Agong. Is this not disrespect of the Agong?

That is why the rakyat are losing confidence and respect in the decisions made by the BN. If the BN cannot respect others, why should the rakyat respect BN?

Reason: I abhor the deaths in custody, and be clear that this is only perpetrated by some tens of rogue police officers in uniform who are no better than the people they arrest

Think of the thousands of police officers who everyday put their lives on the line for a couple of thousand ringgit at most in wages. Feel how they feel, then maybe we all can stand on some common ground.

The constant accusations of police brutality should not be made to the extent that the men in blue get demoralised. A demoralised police force will do no one any good.

YouAreNotAlone: Reason, do you actually think the PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) has not be given any chance? Or the chance given for them to change is not long enough? So will another 50 years enough for them to bring changes?

And yes, I don't denied police have done nothing worth praising all these 50 years. It's just that now, they are becoming from good to bad and from bad to worse.

From reporting to Parliament to reporting to PM's Office. From solving crimes to creating more crimes. From catching the bad guys to locking up harmless students and politicians. What you think?

Please use your common sense. If one day, your love ones are the victims, it's unlikely you will think like what you think now.

I'm a victim of an armed robbery many years back and I have been through the police procedures of taking statements, etc, and I know too well the way they do things.

Just like what you have said, given a small salary but risking their lives. But isn't it this job they chose?

Bumiasli: Whatever said and done, it doesn't mean that action against custodial deaths will only be taken after the agency is formed. Crime is a crime and need to be dealt with by using the laws that are already in existence.

It is such delay in handling such crimes that we have more cases happening. Let those responsible for custodial deaths be meted their due punishment immediately and there will definitely be a drop in such cases.

Real Life: Why does every issue always need to study or get consultants involvement?

Which part of "Do not kill or torture your prisoner in police lock-up or please do not cover up or lie about such things or take care of the CCTV" is too hard for our police to follow?

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