MP SPEAKS Bad faith is not a good start to the exercise of executive power. What more from those who have no legitimacy. Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has been busy barking out orders as to when and where the people may gather for our fateful rally.

azlanCollectively, they are making it extremely difficult to hold today’s rally at Padang Merbok even though we have bent backwards to accommodate them. That is bad faith writ large.

We know that this arrogance of power is the result of power being usurped. They have come to power not by popular vote but by a combined process of decades of gerrymandering and outright systematic fraud.

Yes, indeed we have been mild and we have been patient. The people have exercised extreme self-restraint so far. Instead of taking to the street, the people have only held rallies and peaceful assemblies to show their anger, protest and disappointment.

They want justice, of course starting with the chair and deputy chair of the Elections Commission (EC) stepping down and an overhaul of the electoral system. Is that too much to ask? As TS Eliot would say in situations like these: Resign, resign, resign.

Having robbed us of our electoral victory, the Umno-BN government has also committed a long list of wrongdoings – arresting innocent protesters, prosecuting activists and opposition leaders under the Peaceful Assembly Act (2012), threatening to revoke passports, etc. The list is just too long to enumerate.

At the same time, incitement to racial hatred and fear mongering is given free reign. The culprits among whom are a former prime minister and an ex-senior judge are going about it with impunity aided by Umno’s main media organ.

We won the elections but Umno has used the EC to steal our victory. They have cheated the people. They have violated their rights. And now the police are being instructed to issue unwarranted threats of prosecution if we proceed with this rally.

To the people, let me say this:

Ignore these threats. It is your constitutional right to assemble peacefully. Your lives cannot be dictated by the police, or Umno or the prime minister.

Today marks our 15th ‘Black 505' rally. It is your right to demand that the EC heads step down for the widespread fraud.

NONEThe ink was not indelible and that itself is a crime but today’s rally will leave an indelible imprint in our history. Your children and my children and the future generations to come will remember it.

They will remember that in spite of the odds, the obstacles and the pitfalls along the way, we soldiered on. They will remember that hand in hand we walked through the storm – peace loving Malaysians from all races and backgrounds young and old united in seeking and demanding fairness, justice, and what is rightly due to us.

History has shown that leaders who hold on power through illegitimate means will sooner or later be brought to justice by the power of the people. This is a power drawn from the inalienable rights conferred by the constitution.

They cannot take these rights away from you because they are fundamental to a nation governed by the rule of law. The Umno-BN government is not your master and cannot determine your future.

By the will of God, the future of this nation lies in your hands. So, when the time comes, let us all be there to make our date with destiny.

ANWAR IBRAHIM is MP for Permatang Pauh and de facto PKR leader.