DAP has branded Registrar of Societies (ROS) director Abdul Rahman Othman as a "liar" for making "wild allegations" against the party in relations to investigations into last December's party election.

Its national organising secretary Anthony Loke said that Abdul Rahman was “behaving unprofessionally” by releasing conclusive statements that some DAP members were supposedly denied their right to vote during the congress, even before the investigations had been concluded.
NONELoke (left) said it was only yesterday that the party received a letter from ROS, demanding that DAP produce the relevant documents and evidence that they had sent out notices to all party delegates, naming especially four branches who had reportedly complained of not having received the notices.

"He (Abdul Rahman) is not fit to be ROS director. Not only is he a liar, he is a tool for Umno and BN," he stressed, and alleged that the ROS is also beginning to "shift the goalposts" in their probe against DAP.

"Initially, the investigations were supposed to be about us changing the election results due to a technical glitch two weeks later.
"Now that they couldn't prove anything against us, they have shifted the goalposts to claim that we denied delegates their right to vote," he said.

Over 700 DAP members have allegedly complained of not having received notices from the party, but Loke insisted that the party can't guarantee that all branches would receive them.

Loke also furnished proof that representatives from three out of the four branches - that had been mentioned by ROS in its letter to DAP - did actually attend the congress, thus there was no question of them being denied their right to vote.

The four branches were the ones in Taman Sri Sungai Pelek in Selangor, Taman Nesa in Skudai, Johor, Desa Dahlia in Seremban and Ladang Paroi, also in Negri Sembilan.

Documents show the proof

Loke said that the Skudai, Desa Dahlia, and Ladang Paroi branches did send delegates to the congress which took place on Dec 15 and 16 last year, and that the representatives' signatures were on the party's official documents relating to the congress.

NONEDocuments show that S Kogilavani represented the Taman Nesa branch, Richard Francis Soosay represented the Desa Dahlia branch, and three delegates had actually attended the congress under the Ladang Paroi branch.

All the individuals who made complaints to the ROS about not receiving notices and being denied the right to vote despite having attended the congress will be referred to the disciplinary committee of the party.

Loke said that the party did send out notices of the congress date to every branch, but it was out of their hands to guarantee that it reaches every intended recipient.

"We even had press conferences in the media to inform about the date of the congress," said Loke.

Meanwhile, it is noted that the Sungai Pelek branch chairperson had quit the party on Aug 16 last year, and thus was not entitled to receive any notice in relation to the congress, Loke stressed.

"ROS believes these members who made this complaints, but are refusing to believe us?" he said.