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Najib, how many more Indians must die?

Najib, how many more Indians must die?
10:07AM May 25, 2013  
FREE YOURSAY 'My deepest condolences to the family. But that is just not enough. There are far, far too many extrajudicial killings by the police.'

Wails and cries for justice as Dharmendran laid to rest

your sayCala: The Umno-led BN regime have been notified of the large number of Indians died while in police custody. This was in fact one of the issues discussed between Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy and PM Najib Razak prior to the 13th general election.

Despite this fact, the death of N Dharmendran clearly shows that promise and action on the ground are two different things.

The level of commitment to safeguard the lives of Indians in Malaysia is low. What happened to 1Malaysia? From now on, beware of where you going, especially the police station.

Hotsy Totsy: My deepest condolences to the bereaved family. The police officers who killed Dharmendran must made to face justice and given their just desert.

SS Dhaliwal: This is the cruel and heartless PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) which presides over the people with impunity just because they do Umno's bidding.

Innocent people get punished by them while criminals get away scot-free.

Psycho: The police has classified the case as murder and had formed an independent task force headed by officials from Bukit Aman to probe the police detainee's death.

This is the first case that immediate action has taken place. Anyone wonder why? Waythamoorthy had a serious meeting with the IGP (inspector-general of police) on this and requested for an independent task force to be set up to probe the death and bring the culprit to justice.

Well, he can't be exposing this in public. He had a job to do. Let him do his job. Do not jump the gun and say what you like. Good work, Waytha. This is what we are expecting from you. Some will say this is ‘wayang kulit'. Let it be.

Human Being: Psycho is really psycho. It is so stupid for Waytha to do "justice" and not letting other people know. He need that publicity.

I think he is just too embarrassed to come out from the dark into the light. Nobody is jumping the gun. The day he join BN is the day he betrayed his own race.

Joepaul: My deepest condolences to the family. But that is just not enough. There are far, far too many extrajudicial killings by the police.

We cannot sit back and hope it doesn't happen again. Can someone start to organise a "tunjuk perasaan" (the good old term for demonstration) to show what the rakyat feel about this abomination. I will be there.

Odin: On Feb 7 this year, Najib gave his pledge to the Indians that he would not disappoint their expectations and aspirations, and begged them to give him "nambikei".

The Indians hanged a tonne of flowers from his neck and prostrated themselves at his feet. In return, he gave them a deputy minister's post in his kitchen cabinet and ... more dead bodies.

Hospital confirms detainee died from blunt force trauma

Ferdtan: Well done Dr Siew Sheue Feng, the consultant pathologist from Hospital Kuala Lumpur who confirmed that police detainee Dharmendran died as a result of "diffusion of soft tissue injuries due to multiple blunt force trauma".

Now you speak plainly and not evasive like you did in the trial of the Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy trial. Your ‘not-too-truthful' testimony must be pricking your conscience still.

See, we the commentators are not that bad, we do give credit where it is due. However having said that, we hope you will not turn around due to pressure from the powerful interested party during any inquest (if any) saying something completely different. We hope not.

LittleGiant: If Waythamoorthy has any dignity left, should he not at least issue a statement to condemn this heinous crime, alleged to have been committed by PDRM personnel, while the victim, Dharmendran, was in their custody?

Did Waytha conveniently throw away the human rights demand from his so-called 'deal' with BN because he was told that the government cannot stop custodial deaths and that it can never guarantee the lives of Indian suspects held in detention?

Where is MIC and its so-called leaders? Don't they have any shame and conscience? How can they be so thick-skinned to face the Indian community and pretend like they are not concerned at all and that nothing serious has happened? Are they really able to sleep peacefully at night?

While the family of the victim is grieving, the entire community must bow down in disgust for electing some spineless morons as their leaders.

Bystander: Waythamoorthy, what have you got to say about this? Your mouth also stapled? Or don't know what to say? Or are you waiting for prompting from higher-ups?

Paul Warren: Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Ku Chin Wah was not wrong when he was quoted to have said that the 31-year-old died as a result of breathing difficulties.

As far as I know anyone who dies of whatever cause does have breathing difficulties. You shoot a person, he has breathing difficulties. A man dies of cancer, he suffers breathing difficulties. You cut off a man's head, he has breathing difficulties.

This very clever of the CID chief, he was obviously thinking of that when he said that the deceased died of breathing difficulties.

Open inquiry urged into Dharmendran's death

SS Dhaliwal: This is an open-and-shut case. Who was the arresting officer? Who was his immediate supervisor? Who were the police officers on duty at the time?

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to solve this one or any other custodial death case.

Thinkingmachine: It is a sin to be born and a greater sin to be born an Indian in Malaysia. Where is Hindraf? Is this just another statistics to be complied by them.

Anonymous#67264383: We do not want the police to investigate themselves. We want the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to do this. We don't trust the police anymore.

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