Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DAP obtained strong Indian support

Media Statement by  M Kula Segaran, DAP National vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at  Buntong Market on 8th May 2013

To day YB Chong Chee Khing (Bercham) and I visited the Buntong market to thank the voters for supporting us in the General Elections held on Sunday 5th May 2013.

I first contested in Ipoh Barat in 1999 which I lost. Prior to this I was MP for Teluk Intan. The score sheet of standing in Ipoh Barat are as follows:
               DAP              BNMajority
199921,47746%25,15554%3678( lost)

My appreciation and thanks to the voters in Ipoh Barat for giving me a fresh mandate to be their Member of Parliament.

During my walk about in the market the people were concerned and upset PR could not take the Perak Government and the Federal Government. The voters generally wanted to continues our services and assured their support to us.

Indians make up 25% registered voters in Ipoh Barat.  From the results released officially by the SPR we notice a surge and increase in the support from the Indian voters. From the analysis we have done we note that the DAP got over 70% of the Indian votes.
Thus the assertion by the Prime Minister that the BN had got the Indian support is not correct. In fact even in Cameron Highlands the Indians have thrown their support to DAP and PR generally.

Although PR did not get enough seats to take PutraJaya the total votes casted for PR is higher then BN. Popular votes BN 5,237699 or 47.38% where else PR got 5,623,984 or 50.87 %. BN got 133 seats where elsePR got 89 Parliamentary seats.

We are very grateful to the support and promise to further render better service to the people.

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