FREE YOURSAY ‘Kudos to Hindraf for highlighting the plight of the Indians. But please don't let people doubt your sincerity by calling for a debate on who came out with the idea first.'

Hindraf dares Kit Siang to debate poor Indians' woes

your sayDrsaravananr: What does Hindraf really want? I think it has lost the plot. As far as the Gelang Patah document is concerned, DAP has acknowledged and adopted Hindraf's demands and has put them into the mainstream struggle.

I see no wrong done here. It's a case of damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Arankanathan: If DAP has taken from Hindraf's Indian blueprint, what is the problem? Isn't that is what Hindraf wants?

Hindraf national adviser N Ganesan does not want to debate BN which has called them terrorists and jailed its leaders, but wants to debate DAP which is not even in the federal government yet.

Louis: What columnist Mariam Mokhtar wrote about Hindraf is absolutely true. It would rather pick faults on the opposition rather than Umno. They are so forgiving of Umno's past, but gravely annoyed at Pakatan's mistakes.

Now Ganesan wants to debate with DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang. That's a real joke. Ganesan, the right person for Hindraf to debate is with PM Najib Razak, who claims that Indians were never marginalised.

In fact, Pakatan has been very patient with Hindraf; personally, I would have told them to get lost.

Progressive: Ganesan, what is wrong with DAP adopting elements from your blueprint? Isn't that what you want for the poor Indians?

What plagiarism? Was the blueprint your PhD thesis? So you are now attacking Pakatan Rakyat and trying to go to bed with a corrupt regime that has sidelined the Indians.

Ganesan, you can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. You have to take a stand and not try to play both sides.

Understandably, you are bitter with Pakatan because they did not give you the eight parliamentary and 10 state seats you demanded.

Anonymous #31685940: Hindraf, please don't take Indians as stupid. Please tell me what is the difference between endorsing and adopting the blueprint. The end result is whether they will implement it.

What is your purpose in coming out with the blueprint? If your sole purpose is for the Indians to benefit, then the more parties adopt the blueprint, the better it is for the Indians.

Kudos to you for highlighting the plight of the Indians. But please don't let people doubt your sincerity by you calling for a debate on who came out with the idea first.

KitaAkanSiasat: Ganesan, Pakatan has tried to negotiate on your blueprint but during this negotiation, your sincerity reeked of a very different agenda by asking for an unthinkable number of seats from Pakatan.

Why don't you guys just continue to be an NGO that takes care of the welfare of the Indian Malaysians without going into politics?

If you are really sincere about change, sit with Pakatan, support its cause for change, then advise them on the welfare matters of the Indians.

Kgen: Hindraf displays its true colours. It has soft words for BN and only harsh words for the opposition. I expect Hindraf to endorse BN soon, a sell-out of the Indian poor for political opportunism.

These Hindraf people will be made datuks and senators if BN wins. Ganesan's outburst has clearly shown that it's not about helping the Indian poor; it's about using them for personal advancement.

Fair&Just: DAP has graciously confirmed some of the points in the Hindraf blueprint now and said that if Pakatan gets into government, most of the points in the blueprint would materialise.

If at that time there is no progress, only then should Hindraf go after DAP. Why attack DAP now? The culprit for all the suffering, discrimination, oppression, suppression, intimidation and bigotry is Umno.

Bijan: BN is a caretaker government now, they can't sign anything including a contract or a blueprint, yet Hindraf still expects to meet the PM for a second round of discussions.

Even if the PM promises anything now, it would be useless, just lip service. After 56 years, BN have not fulfilled their promises, do you think they will keep their promise now?

YF: Notice how Hindraf did not demand Umno for a debate. Why the double standards? Even if DAP accepts Hindraf's points, they are wrong; if they don't accept, they are also wrong. So what does Hindraf want?

And with the elections coming they now want a debate? Hindraf has surely sold out the Indians and now sides with Umno, the very devil that calls our Indian brothers pariah and have confined them to street sweeping for eternity.

Is this what Hindraf is all about? That they are willing to sell their soul to the devil and forget the cause of the poor Indians and every other poor Malaysian who has suffered under the Umno regime?

Gongming: Is there such a thing as plagiarising a policy or manifesto? Can another person not think of the same or similar policies and solutions to people's problems?

Does Hindraf think they are the only ones who can speak for the Indians? Do they think they own the Indians in this country?

Tell me how many Indians are behind them - 90 percent, 70 percent... I would be surprised if that number is even 10 percent. Hindraf, don't speak on behalf of the Indians as if you own us.

Melayu Tulen: Ganesan, sorry to say that Hindraf's leaders are now becoming opportunists. The basic fundamental point Hindraf was formed was to kick Umno out.
Now, you try to sleep with them, furthermore in the same bed.

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