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Is there still a point to MCA’s existence? ― The Malaysian Insider

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Is there still a point to MCA’s existence? ― The Malaysian Insider

April 10, 2013
APRIL 10 ― It’s tough being in MCA these days.

Even its closest ally, Umno, has little confidence in the party that was formed in 1949, to champion the interests of the Chinese as we head towards Election 2013.

Umno plans on fielding its candidates either in all of the DAP seats or most of them in Johor as the Malay vote is more dependable than Chinese support, according to its strategists.

That is sound political strategy.

In fact, Umno leaders have a better chance of scoring more Chinese votes than MCA.

This is because the MCA is viewed as a party with little power and influence, and its leaders seen as sycophants lacking the gumption to speak out on anything except to attack its rival the DAP.

Chinese business interests used to go to MCA leaders as a bridge to better ties with Umno and other senior government leaders.

That has not been the case for years.

Chinese businessmen have been working directly with Umno interests for years without any need for MCA.
Privately, Umno leaders are concerned that MCA leaders cannot even muster enough support to make a difference in Johor, a bastion for Barisan Nasional (BN).

Never mind the Chinese vote; Umno is concerned that even the Malays will not back BN if a MCA candidate is put up.

So, if a party that says it represents the Chinese in Malaysia but cannot be counted to win the Chinese vote, what is its value?

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