Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ipoh Ready for Change !


Last night, thousands of Ipoh folks turned up at DAP ceramah held in Ipoh old town. 

TThis is a clear sign that Ipoh folks are Ready for Change. Ubah! Ubah! Ubah!

   The main issue of my speech was about the Mother of all Battles – the Gelang Patah contest. 

   It is confirmed that Johor Mentri Besar Ghani Othman will take on Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah.. 

    MCA’s  decision to loan the seat to Umno shows a few things:-
-- MCA has become more irrelevant
-- Not only MCA president Datuk Chua Soi Lek is not allowed to contest in any seat, MCA is now even forced to give up seats for Umno to contest  

Can such party be relied upon to fight for the people’s rights and interest ?
Gelang Patah will be the mother of all battles. We can expect BN especially Umno to go all out to try to win Gelang Patah and finish off Kit Siang’s political career.  
IIt is  going to be a tough battle for PR and Kit Siang. But Kit Siang will not run away and will definitely contest in Gelang Patah. He is prepared to take the political risks for the sake of  a Better Malaysia for All.  

Kit Siang and PR are not afraid of facing Umno candidate.  We call on UMNO to fight a clean and fair election.  

PPrime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has said before that he wants to fight the opposition fair and square.  It is time that he proves to Malaysians what he says what he means.  

TThe first thing that he can do is completely disassociate himself from the racial statements that the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir has written about the Gelang Patah battle. 

 Lets see if Datuk Seri Najib has the courage to say what needs to be said.


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