Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enough is enough. Say NO to BN!

Enough is enough. Say NO  to BN!

Last night I  attended two DAP ceramahs held in Melala. First ceramah was held at Melaka Baru where I explained to the crowd  in Tamil how the BN's discriminatory policies have hurt them. 
Speaking at Melaka Baru ceramah

Then I went to the  second ceramah at Klebang. It was raining when I  arrived at the Ceramah venue , yet the crowd stayed on to listen to the speakers. Such is the prevalent mood for change everywhere in the country.

Waiting to speak at Klebang Ceramah

In my speech, I had touched on various issues . Below was my main message to the crowd. 
Despite being aged 72, DAP Parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang decided to contest in Gelang Patah in the hope to bring about a real change of federal power in the next election. 
His move also shows that he truly believes and sees the arrival of the opportunity for Malaysian to end the federal rule by BN. He does not want to let this opportunity go pass; he hence made the move to move South.
Whether he can succeed in creating the political tsunami that will start from South and spread to East Malaysia, will depend on the voters. 
Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir has called on Gelang Patah voters to end Kit Siang’s political career.
We hope Gelang Patah and Johore voters will rise to the occasion not only to ensure victory for Kit Siang, but also to bring about the political tsunami that will help bring about a new Putrajaya government. 
BN has ruled for 56 years and caused much ruins to our blessed and beloved nation. 
Voters have given BN enough chance and there is no single justifiable reason for allowing BN to continue to ruin the nation. 
Enough is enough. Say No to BN.  
Malaysians all over the nation must also seize the golden opportunity; vote PR for a new Malaysia.

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