Friday, April 26, 2013

43pct back Anwar as PM, 39pct for Najib

43pct back Anwar as PM, 39pct for Najib
Anwar Ibrahim has a slight edge over Najib Abdul Razak as a prime ministerial candidate, according to a survey by Universiti Malaya's Democratic and Election Centre (Umcedel).

The survey, involving 1,407 respondents residing in Peninsular Malaysia in early April, indicated that 43 percent of voters believe Anwar was qualified to be prime minister while 24 percent of voters disagreed and the rest were unsure.

azlanAs for Najib, 39 percent of voters said he was qualified to be the prime minister, while 31 percent disagreed. Another 30 percent were unsure.

Interestingly, 54 percent of Malay respondents said Anwar was qualified to be prime minister while only 28 percent said the same for Najib.

Among first-time voters, 48 percent of respondents believed Anwar to be qualified as prime minister while 25 percent of respondents said the same for Najib.
Compared to Umcedel's last survey results in January, Najib's rating had dropped four points while Anwar and increased by one point.

In terms of Malay respondents, Najib's rating had dropped by 18 points while Anwar's rating had rose by nine points.

Anwar seen as 'more Islamic'
Both Najib and Anwar are pretty much neck and neck in other areas.
Najib has a slight edge in terms of "friendly-ness" compared to Anwar.
Fifty-four percent of respondents believe Najib to be more "people-friendly" compared to 46 percent who said the same for Anwar.

“Of course Najib is higher (in the polls) - he appears on TV almost every day, compared to Anwar who only appears when there is something not good about him,” said Umcedel director Mohd Redzuan Othman at a press conference today.
Najib is also seen as slightly more capable administration-wise compared to Anwar, while Anwar has a slight lead in terms of accountability and vision to develop the country.
However, Anwar has a clear lead in terms of exhibiting Islamic virtues, with 43 percent of respondents stating that he has such values, as compared to 37 percent saying the same for Najib.
Sex video doesn't sell
Meanwhile, the survey also found that 62 percent of respondents said they were not influenced by a sex video of an alleged Pakatan Rakyat leader floating on the Internet.

azlanThirty nine percent of the respondents said they were convinced that the sex video was a piece of "Umno propaganda" aimed at making personal attacks, while 39 percent said they were unsure.

Twenty two percent of respondents disagreed that the clip was "Umno propaganda".

“It appears that the smear campaign that is going on (in the mainstream media) on Anwar, is not really having a bad effect on him,” said Redzuan.

Meanwhile, the 63 percent of survey respondents said they wanted to see a debate between Najib and Anwar while 19 percent disagreed with the idea.

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