Monday, March 25, 2013

Where are the local councillors?

Residents of Taman Istana Ipoh called and complained that a pub and bistro has been  operating d just across the access road from their place of stay. 
The place of entertainment is just along the Kinta River and next to the Kinta River Front Hotel. 
Resident Annie making  a point

Bistro operator Raymond explaining to residents

Kula making  a point

The performance stage

Kula discussing with residents

All listening to Annie
The residents’ main complaints were :-
1) that the bistro is open right till  early part of the morning and is terribly loud and noisy
 2) that due indiscriminate parking of cars , it continues to hamper the free flow and parking of the residents. 
My secretaries Chong Chee Keen  and Jeremy helped in getting in touch with the Hotel  and Bistro operators to come for the 11 am meeting today. 
In a face to face discussion held yesterday , the residents poured out their anger and frustration on the entertainment operator Raymond.  Raymond said he had complied with the law and so on. Annie the main spoke person for the residents said she wanted intervention and assistance from me to resolve this matter.
 I said the issue of abuse of license provisions , parking and enforcement rests with the local council and the local councillor should be the one handling these issues. But the BN appointed councillors are missing. 
We have always wanted local councillors to be elected so that they are more accountable.  
The Bistro operator agreed to lower down the noise level and the hotel operator will ensure no cars of customers will  be indiscriminately parked on the residents access road.
In the mean time,  DAP Ipoh Barat will arrange for a meeting between the local council administrators and the residents with the business operators to find a long term solution.

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  1. YB BN Councillor is in holiday and no time to see or listen to this kind of matter that is why we need a change jom ubah bye to BN.