Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perak DAP will fight the coming election as a united team.

Perak DAP will fight the coming election as a united team.  

Yesterday, DAP Perak held a ceramah at Chin Woo Hall, Ipoh. Thousands of Perakians turned up to listen to speeches delivered by DAP and leaders who included Sdr Lim Kit Siang, Sdr Ngeh Koo Ham and Sdr Nga Kor Ming.

It was clear from the crowd response that they gave Sdr Kit Siang the blessings and support for his bold decision to move to Johore for PR's overall objective of capturing Putrajaya in the coming general election.

Question of unity within Perak DAP has obviously been troubling him but he needs not worry much more as Perak leaders declared on stage their readiness to close ranks and fight as a united against BN in the coming general election.

 In my speech made earlier, (before Sdr Ngeh Koo Ham and Sdr Lim Kit Siang spoke), I had said that despite the existence of some internal problems and misunderstanding,  the voters can be assured that Perak DAP shall go into the general election as a united team.  

Crowds inside the Hall
We know who is our common and big enemy and all Perak DAP leaders led by Sdr Ngeh Koo Ham will focus our energies to topple BN.

I  then touched on other issues which included issues of BN's winnable candidates, stateless Indians and their plight. 

I also touched on Kit Sing's decision to contest in Johore.

I stressed:-
a.   Although he is already aged 72, Sdr Lim Kit Siang’s decision to contest in Johore shows his determination and commitment to bring about A Better Malaysia for All.
b.    It will not be an easy battle for him, but he knows that he must take the risks in order to enhance PR chances to capture Putrajaya by creating a political storm from Johore.
c.     He is a courageous man who deserves the salute of all Malaysians.
d.     Ipoh Timor voters can feel proud that they have got Kit Siang as their representative for two terms. In fact, all Perakians should feel proud that Kit Siang was Perak‘s elected representative for two terms.
e.     If any Perakians have relatives in Johore, especially from the constituency of Gelang Patah, call them to vote PR and Sdr Lim Kit Siang

Crowrds outside the Hall
  I also mentioned  the twin challenges of Perakians in the coming general election:-

a.     Perakains have two important political missions in the coming general election, namely to capture power at both state and federal levels.
b.     BN the political robber has ruled the state for past 4 years and the next general election must be its payback time.
c.      Perakians must not only ensure that BN is defeated, but that BN is defeated soundly.
d.      Perakians must also vote PR to ensure that a new Putrajaya government will be formed.

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  1. Great Leader - putting UNITY AS PRIORITY to fight the greatest enemy BN.

    Long Live DAP & PR.