Wednesday, March 27, 2013

People are ready for Change!

 People  are ready for Change!

Yesterday, DAP held a ceramah at Gelang Patah with short notice, yet thousands of people turned up. This is  a clear  sign of the prevailing wind of change.

From the crowd response to the speeches delivered, there is no doubt that the rakyat are ready for change.

Lim Guan Eng speaking
In my speech,I touched on Najib's indecisiveness to dissolve Parliament. I have said, among other things:- 
-- People have waited long enough for the general election. Never before have to wait this long. 
--. Obvious that PM is indecisive, kiasu and kiasi. .
-- "We have until April 28 (to dissolve Parliament). Please tell the opposition not to be jittery as April 28 will not run away. Come April 28, we will dissolve and we will face in the elections," Minister in PM's department  Datuk Nazri has said .
-Let  me tell the BN government that PR is not afraid or jittery. We are prepared to fight the BN tommorrw, , in April or May.
-- PM  can delay and even dish out more incentives , but I am sure such tactics will not have much impact on the voters who are yearning and ready for change.
-- Voters will welcome whatever cash handouts but they will vote PR when the time comes.
--  Anyway, bubar tak bubar atau bila nak ubar, rakyat memang sudah sedia berubah! Johore has been declared, together with Sarawak and Sabah as our front states in our political mission to capture Putrajaya. --DAP Parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang has made the bold and necessary decision to move south and to lead the charge in Johore.  Call on Gelang Patah and Johor voters to help create the political tsunami needed to topple BN and capture Putrajaya . .
--Vote PR. Vote for Change.  Let the 13th general election be the beginning of  a better Malaysia.
Earlier I attended a PKR ceramah held at Puteri Wangsa where  had said that the second  political tsunami which will bring about A Better Malaysia for All will originate from the southern state of Johore.

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