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No opposition stickers: HKL doctors see red | Free Malaysia Today

No opposition stickers: HKL doctors see red

Alyaa Azhar and G Vinod | March 12, 2013 
Hospital Kuala Lumpur staff are angered by a new directive from its management banning its staff from putting up opposition stickers.
PETALING JAYA: The circular which prohibited Hospital Kuala Lumpur staff from putting Pakatan Rakyat stickers and logos on their vehicles has drawn flak.

Last week, HKL director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain issued the circular which also barred staff from putting up these logos in the hospital’s premises.

The circular, sent on March 4, was addressed all department heads of the hospital and urged them to advise their subordinates to follow the regulation.

They were also warned that disciplinary action would be taken against those who failed to comply.
Angered by the new directive, some doctors vented their frustration on Facebook, saying this was how narrow politics interfered in the service of government doctors.

“Why should the directive on stickers apply only to certain political parties?Why not all?” queried one doctor.
Another doctor said: “She only banned stickers and logos. Let’s put up big party flags on our car. See what she says.”

Another doctor reminded Zaininah that Barisan Nasional was the opposition in four states governed by Pakatan.

“Director my foot!” stated another livid staff. “Lowest of the lowest! The General Orders clearly say that we are allowed to support any political party. Go to hell you stupid, ugly, &^%&.”

Meanwhile, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr S R Manalan said that it was inappropriate for Zaininah to issue such a directive.

“She should not have issued such prohibition. However, she is not a member of MMA and the directive was an administrative issue, it has nothing to do with the association,” he said.

In a recent development, Health Ministry director general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that he had rebuked HKL’s management on the inappropriateness of its latest directive.

“Public servants must not involve politics in their professional affairs. We must be apolitical in discharging our duties,” said Noor Hisham, in a statement dated March 8.

He also said that it was also important to acknowledge that it was the professional obligation of public servants to support the government’s policy decision.

“Integrity is crucial to ensure the effectiveness and stability of a government machinery. It will help promote smooth implementation of government initiatives to take Malaysia to greater heights,” he added.

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