Saturday, March 9, 2013

My conscience is clear.

My conscience is clear.

I thank all comrades and supporters who had called or sent sms to me since last night to express support/ sympathy for me with regard to my tweets.

I am very much aware that there will be those out there who will talk about “the need to see the large picture” and “for the sake of the larger interest”, “don’t let BN exploit the issue”  etc.

Let me say that I have joined politics and DAP with clear convictions and I shall always hold true to my principles.

Going public on internal issue is the last thing I wish to do.

When there are people who continue to indulge in unethical , unprincipled,  unacceptable politics and organizational practices and believe that everything can be swept under the carpet because other comrades will always observe or be asked to observe the “ see the larger picture” rule, a situation will come to the point when enough is enough .

If such political behavior continues and is tolerated, the Party’s large and long term interest cannot be served by those in the know choosing to be silent or doing nothing about it.

It will be foolish for anyone to think that the people‘s support can be taken for granted or adopt a attitude of “we can get away with everything”.

Suffice to say that the national leadership’s immediate and serious actions to address and resolve the DAP Perak internal issues are essential.


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