Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hindu Temples have been neglected far too long by the BN Government

Statement  by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at Taman Mayang Sari, Kuala Kangsar on 30 thMarch 2013
Hindu Temples have been neglected far too long by the BN Government  
Yesterday, a meeting on the erosion issue affecting Nagamah temple was held.

Nagamah Kuil situated at Jalam Kenas now known as Taman Mayang Sari was built some over 100 years ago. At that time the majority of families  living around where the temple was built were Tamils.
Presently the Temple Chairman is one Kathiresan s/o Kanapathy who is 43 years old. He is local born and raised in this area.
The Temple is now in danger of collapse due to the river bank erosion. It needs remedial works and the Jabatan Pengaliran air (JPS) has proposed certain action to be done. 
Unfortunately the temple is not in a position financially to carry out  the remedial works as it is estimated to cost over RM 100 , 000.
Thus we have advices the committee to write to JPS to get them to do the remedial works.
Many Hindu temples are located near sewerage tanks( IWK), below trees, or near by main roads.
For example,  the Subraminar Temple in Ipoh which is the largest in Perak which attract over 300,000 people during the Thaipusam every year is situated next to a IWK sewerage tank. 
Another Hindu cave temple faces this IWK sewerage tank. The temples were there for over 100 years.
Are the authorities unaware of this?
 All these are due to the failure of the BN Government to provide land and incidental over the years. I said in my speech that this failure by the BN Government will be addressed by the PR Government.
The proposed Kuala Kangsar PAS Candidate who is now a ADUN YB Idam Lim was also present. He agreed to assist in what ever way to help the temple.
We need a long term policy on Hindu temples which is a critical matter which has to be looked into. Provision of ad hoc financial help itself will not resolve  the problem.   
Housing lots at Taman Mayang Sari
Over 40 local families have applied for the housing lots to be allocated by the BN Government. 
We are now told the first 10 lost have been allocated to people who are not residing in this area. The balance 30 lots will be allotted to people well connected with the BN political parties. In short many cronies may be allocated the lots. This abuse has to stop. 
Many of the 40 people who have applied are people like Temple Chairman  Kathiresan s/o Kanapathy who is an ordinary driver. The lower income group is being over looked.
We promise to look into this issue when PR  take over Perak and Putrajaya governments and we will report this matter to the MACC for appropriate action

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